How Pouch and Shrink Sleeve Packaging Can Sell a Project

    Recent studies have scientifically proven that a product’s appearance changes its perception. Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University studies how the brain integrates information from the five human senses to produce a coherent impression of reality. Karlville offers the machines necessary to mass produce virtually every type of packaging technique in the industry.


    The New Yorker recently published a story that stated: “Coffee tastes less sweet in a white mug; a chip tastes fresher when its crunch is louder.” Mr. Spence has empirical data that supports what advertising agencies and marketing departments have been saying for years: colors and shapes matter! With this in mind, maybe it is time for your company to re-evaluate your products packaging.

    Shrink sleeve technology yields high-resolution images on plastic that can neatly wrap virtually any shape. Beverages, cleaning products, food products, and pill bottles are a few of the applications that use shrink sleeve. The machines featured here use automatic shrink sleeve application makes for ultra efficient assembly lines. Karlville fabricates a complete line of shrink sleeve application machines, capable of automatically applying  from 150 to 1000 containers per minute, depending on the type of application.

    Vance Packard, a marketing pioneer from the 20th century, explains how successful sophistication of packaging is: “a box that, when the entranced shopper picked it up and began fingering it, would give a soft sales talk, or stress the brand name. The talk is on a strip that starts broadcasting when a shopper’s finger rubs it.”

    Pouch packaging is becoming an extremely popular packaging technique. With the right colors and imagery, you could be on the verge of a product “relaunch”. Karlville’s high capacity machines can produce up to 110 pieces per minute and contain servo beam system controls that assure the pouches stay in place through the process. The pre-opening station uses hot air guns and a vacuum suction cup system. The Spoutpro’s state of the art monitoring system assures pouches are in the correct position before starting its automatic filling and capping.

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    Label Expo- Recap


      Our team has been busy visiting the expo shows all over the world! Here are some images from the Label Expo Europe in Brussels. This year marked the 35th annual Label Expo which was the largest in its history! We are thrilled to have been part of this global feat!


      Our KSI-1000 machine was front and center with it’s mid web slitting and 100% inspection capability.



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      Combi: The Latest in Coating and Laminating Machine


        If high performance and adhesive interchangeability is important for your business’s production then look no further than the new Combi coating and laminating machine. This machine expands the variety of packing methods while maximizing output and decreasing cost and waste. The Combi meets the regulatory requirements to package microwaveable products, retort, and package fatty food applications.

        Here are some more technical details: The Combi incorporates its features for multipurpose coating and laminating to accommodate the needs of the flexible packaging converter. As an optional feature, inline coat weight measurement systems can be installed to lower waste, decrease cost and increase quality. The coat weight measurement system focuses on accuracy with the use of infrared light technology. The unit continuously displays the coating weight in g/m2 or lbs/ream; base film and ink do not affect measurement. It is a non-contact, non-destructive, on-line measurement.

        The Combi offers solvent free, solvent based, AND water based applications as well as back side cold seal coating in register for printed film with QUICK change features to switch between coating types.  To summarize, the Combi minimized quality problems, improves production efficiency, monitors production, and most importantly REDUCES COST. If you’re looking for a high performance coating and laminating machine the Combi is the machine for you.

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        Karlville’s France Technology Center Tour, Machine Demos, and Roundtable Sessions Were A Great Success!

          karlville france

          Karlville’s European Technology Center in the City of Lyon, France Hosted a Wonderful Tour!

          We here at Karlville would like to thank the hundreds of visitors we welcomed to our technology center in the city of Lyon. Our June 23rd Open House was a rousing success. We hosted roundtable introductions to our latest Sleeve innovations as well as machine demos and a facility tour.

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          Karlville’s New Miami Technology Center Opening Tour (In Pictures)

            Welcome to Karlville's new technology center in the heart of Miami!

            Welcome to Karlville’s new technology center in the heart of Miami!

            Karlville made a resounding success out of our participation in the Global Pouch Forum 2015.

            Hosting a private tour of our brand new Karlville Technology Center in the heart of Miami was a wonderful opportunity to show off our latest and greatest products and alliances. 

            We announced partnerships with LaserSharp Flex Pak, Widmann, and 3M for products that are revolutionizing the industry and the marketplace in efficient and affordable machinery that gets the job done right.

            Take a look at some of the action that our tour attendees got to be part of. It was a wonderful afternoon of business in the blaze of the Miami heat.


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            Karlville Development Group of Miami Proudly Announces Three New Strategic Global Partnerships

              Karlville VP Raul Matos showing off a new product

              Karlville VP Raul Matos showing off a new product

              Karlville Development Group of Miami is proud to announce 3 new strategic global partnerships furthering the company’s high standing in efficient manufacturing solutions that maximize customer’s profit potential. Karlville announced the partnerships throughout the tour of their new state of the art service and demo center which doubles as a contract packaging operation in the heart of Miami. Karlville President John Price and Vice President Raul Matos introduced international industry insiders to new technology at the Global Pouch Conference 2015.

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              Karlville VP Raul Matos On New Markets: “The Pouch Business is The Biggest Thing Happening in Latin America”


                Karlville Vice President Raul Matos addressing a tour group at the new state of the art Karlville Technology Center in the heart of Miami in June 2015

                Karlville is a global force in the shrink sleeve, slitting, tampering, inspection, and pouch industries.

                Since 1996, the company has established a reputation for excellence in manufacturing, efficiency, sales, service, and maintenance.

                Now we will continue our upward trajectory with a new state of the art facility in the heart of Miami, and a line of machines that are ready to take the industry by storm with affordability, efficiency, and support as the hallmarks of the company’s services. Here’s what vice president Raul Matos had to say about industry trends, growth in the market, and what puts23 Karlville ahead of the competition.

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                Karlville and LaserSharp Partner to Bring Affordable Laser Scoring Technology to the Hispanic Packaging Market

                  karlville and flexpak laser partnership

                  Executives from Karlville and LaserX FlexPak in the new Karlville Technology Center in the heart of Miami, Florida

                  Karlville Development Group of Miami is proud to announce a new alliance with LaserSharp FlexPak Services LLC.

                  This will bring laser capacity to the flexible packaging markets into the Southeast USA, Caribbean, and South American markets.

                  Karlville is a leading global machinery manufacturer for the converting & packaging industries with established service and manufacturing operations in USA, Europe and Asia.

                  A demonstration system consisting of a Karlville slitter-rewinder and LaserSharp® laser processing system will be installed within Karlville’s newest converting facility in Miami, FL. by November of 2015.

                  This new collaboration will bring value to the packaging industry by adding laser contract manufacturing services and Laser equipment sales that will deliver rapidly integrated solutions to satisfy the increased demand for laser perforating, and scoring for flexible packaging in the region.

                  The LaserSharp® equipment will be fully integrated and rapidly available for package design and testing, prototyping, laser contract manufacturing, and equipment demonstrations to offer brand owners and packaging converters multiple flexible packaging solutions using laser technology.

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                  Karlville’s Safeprints Facility Tour for Shrink Sleeve Conference 2015 in Pictures


                    On the bus to the Safe Prints facility – All Photos Courtesy of Karlville

                    Karlville treated the AWA Shrink Sleeve Conference to a tour of the world class facility of one of our local customers, Safeprints in Miami, Florida. The company got its moment in the spotlight as a world of manufacturers converged for networking and creating business opportunities.

                    They were treated to hot food, cold drinks, and a wonderful facility tour along with guided explanations of the newest Karlville machinery for shrink sleeve converting and shrink sleeve application, pouch converting and narrow web slitting/inspection equipment.

                    Excellent networking took place as visitors from Latin America, Asia, Europe, the United States and more came together for a fascinating look inside our industry. Here are some behind the scenes photos from the event.

                    A short bus ride from the Hilton Miami took passengers to our world class facility in the very central location of Doral, not far from the famous Trump resort that is home to one of the finest golf courses in the nation, the famous Blue Monster at the Trump National Doral.

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                    TLMI: L.I.F.E. certification for Syracuse Label & Surround Printing

                      by Narrow Web Tech

                      LIFE Registered

                      USA New York-based Syracuse Label & Surround Printing has recently become L.I.F.E. certified and that the company is the 52nd facility to achieve this certification. The program was developed in order to assist TLMI members in finding cost effective ways to reduce their companies’ environmental footprint. It is designed specifically for the narrow web marketplace and addresses four key elements of the narrow web printing and converting industry: clean production, energy and greenhouse gases, product and environmentally preferable materials, and management practices. The TLMI L.I.F.E. program is the only certification platform tailored to the specific requirements of the narrow web printing and packaging industry.

                      Syracuse Label President, Kathy Alaimo, commented on her company’s goals in pursuing the certification, “We have made the decision to pursue L.I.F.E. Certification because it validates our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment and has also resulted in financial savings associated with environmentally friendly practices. This is also a an important mean to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”

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