Benefits Of Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Benefits of Stand Up Pouch Packaging

If you sell your products through retail stores, you know that the time it spends in your facility is just a part of its journey. All of your supplies, including your packaging, need to be shipped in. And when your product is finished, it needs to be shipped out to the market. Even after a retail customer takes ownership, they still have to dispose of any leftover waste.

It should come as no surprise, then, that lightweight, environmentally friendly packaging solutions are becoming more popular. Here are some of the ways that businesses save money and boost their profits by merchandising their products in stand-up pouch packaging.


Operating your business sustainably isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also good for sales. According to Forbes, 66 percent of consumers would spend more on a product if it came from a sustainable brand. Among millennials, this number rises to 73 percent.

So how does pouch packaging help you meet this need?

It uses less material than traditional, rigid packaging, which makes it more efficient to ship — more on this in a second — and uses fewer resources to produce. Later on, we’ll also talk about how pouch packaging can make your filling process more efficient. This alone would make it a better choice for the environment.

However, less packaging material also means less waste in your customers’ trash. That environmental benefit is more important than any “green certified” label on the package because it’s something your customers will see and feel for themselves.

Product Safety

Pouch packaging is more effective than other types of packaging at keeping your product safe from environmental contamination. Dirt, dust, and other debris will not be able to penetrate the seal, ensuring that your customers receive it in the same pristine state in which you packed it. This benefit isn’t just limited to food. It’s equally important to protect non-food goods, like motor oil.

Not only is pouch packaging effective, but the seal is clearly visible. Consumers and retailers can easily tell when it’s in good condition, boosting their confidence in your product. A 2014 Food Packaging Trends report by Mintel found that 54% of U.S. adults agree it’s important to see a product through its packaging.

A visible seal also has another advantage: it makes it obvious when a product has been tampered with. This is a huge benefit for retailers, who lose a significant portion of their profits to return fraud every year. With high-visibility packaging, it’s impossible for a fraudster to return an open sunflower seed pouch or a quart of paint that’s been half used and then watered down.

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Transportation Ease

Pouch packaging reduces your company’s carbon footprint — and shipping costs — because it’s collapsible and lightweight. A single semi-trailer can carry the same volume of pouch packaging as 26 semi-trailers full of glass jars. For plastic jars, the ratio is still 16 trucks to a single truckload of pouch packages.

All in all, the cost of producing and shipping pouch packaging produces 93 percent fewer carbon emissions than traditional rigid packaging. This isn’t just an environmental benefit. It also saves your company money on fuel, drivers, and other related fleet costs. And these are savings you can pass on to your customers, giving you an advantage over the competition.

Stand-Out Design

In these days of stiff competition, both from online and brick and mortar competitors, retailers are more conscious of their shelf space than ever. In order for your product to stand out, it needs to maximize the use of that space.

A jar, for example, is usually round, which isn’t an efficient way to store something on a rectangular shelf. Its surface curves away from the customer, which makes it harder to read. A cardboard box is one solution, but it’s not ideal for all products. And small cardboard boxes end up laying down horizontally, which can make them hard to read.

A stand-up pouch package makes efficient use of shelf space, regardless of the size of the pouch. And because these types of pouches are flat, they present the full surface of the package. As a result, you’ll have a large space for advertising, without any of the drawbacks of cardboard boxes.

Stand up pouch packages are also easy to print. They can be ordered with a variety of designs, from traditional, conservative labeling to modern holographic and 3D images. No matter how your product is branded, you can tie your pouch packaging into your brand’s existing look and feel.


Pouch packages aren’t just easier for you and your supplier to transport; they’re also more convenient for your customers. A spout-style pouch, for example, is just as easy to open and close as the screw cap on a plastic beverage bottle. And a zipper pouch full of trail mix is far more manageable than a cellophane bag. Both can be carried in a backpack or cup holder with equal ease, without spilling.

What this means for your customers is convenience and peace of mind. And market research backs this up. According to a 2013 paper [paywall] from Mintel, 41 percent of US customers will choose one product over another if it’s easier to use “on the go.”

Efficiency & High-Speed Filling

The final benefit of pouch packaging is the fact that it allows you to fill your packages quickly, and with minimal human labor. A worker loads a stack of pouches into the magazine periodically and does the same for any spouts and caps. They also monitor the hopper that dispenses your product and refill it as needed.

Because stand up pouch packages are so light, the pouch packaging machine can open them with lightweight suction vacuums, which are energy-efficient and won’t damage any labels or graphics. Any sealing is performed with an infrared heater. This heater seals spouts in a fraction of a second, so you can fill over 200 packages per minute, depending on the product.

If you think your business can benefit from stand up pouch packaging, contact Karlville for more information on our machines. 

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