The Future Of Packaging For Ecommerce Businesses

The Future of Packaging for Ecommerce Businesses

The Future Of Packaging For Ecommerce Businesses | Blogs

Ecommerce shows no sign of slowing down, 1010data has recently reported that shipping of consumer packaged goods is growing at a rate of 50 percent per year. Businesses across the world have been experiencing the benefits – and challenges – of the rise of online shopping. To remain successful, it is important for businesses to be aware of the latest ecommerce packaging design trends and their impact.

At Karlville, we only win when our customers win, which is why we strive to provide the best ecommerce packaging solutions for manufacturers and distributors across several industries. Let’s take a look at why packaging matters, some common roadblocks to success, and how innovative packaging to save can  help your business save money while growing your customer base.

Why Packaging Matters for Ecommerce Retailers

In today’s interconnected world, customers have more choices than ever. This has been a boon for many businesses, since it’s easier than ever to put your product in front of prospective customers. On the other hand, it presents a challenge, since every small detail can affect your customers’ experience.

In a recent study from Harris Poll, 58 percent of customers surveyed said that if they received a damaged product, they would not only replace it with a product from a competitor, but would also refuse to shop from that retailer in the future. Imagine the negative impact on your sales if your packaging breaks during shipping.

As we’ve previously explored, consumers care more about packaging than most companies realize. Environmental concerns, convenience, and ease of transport all play into their decisions.

Of course, your ecommerce packaging design can also have a more direct impact on your company’s bottom line. As a product distributor or packaging manufacturer, it can impact your operational and shipping costs. It can also affect overall waste in your manufacturing process, which impacts your business as well.

The fact is that online retailers exist in an increasingly competitive environment. Even seemingly simple details can give you a critical edge or tarnish your reputation, knowing what consumers expect can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Common Packaging Frustrations

If you’ve ever bought a product in bubble packaging from a retailer, you’re familiar with the headache of opening this particular type of package. For brick and mortar businesses, these packages can still make sense. They make it difficult to remove the product from the package, which deters shoplifters from stealing them.

But online retailers don’t have to worry about this. Nor does anyone who’s selling inexpensive products, such as motor oil, shampoo, smoothies and other basic consumer goods. For these businesses, shoplifting is less of a concern than convenience. Why not save your customers the trouble, and use flexible packaging instead?

Another common frustration is when businesses use giant boxes to ship small products. This is often due to shipping companies offering flat-rate shipping for packages of a certain size. However, it can also happen when companies ship their products in rigid packaging. Even if the product itself is not damaged, customers can get upset if the packaging is damaged in a drop.

When it comes to food and beverage packaging, consumers want the products they are consuming to be easily accessible. Products that require a can opener, scissors or other tools can be a major hindrance to the success of a product.

A study by Mintel 74% of U.S. adults indicate a food package that is easy to open is an important feature, while 82% indicate that a reclosable package is important. A  second study by Mintel also reported that 41% of U.S. adults would choose a product over a competing product because it allows for ease of use on the go.

By using durable, flexible packaging you can provide a better product experience for consumers and decrease the size of your shipping containers, helping you increase profits and save on shipping costs..

Karlville offers several flexible packaging solutions to meet the varying needs of the industry. The Thermal — KS-DSUP-400 Stand Up Pouch Machine  is a compact, easy to use pouch making machine designed for high-performance pouch production .

Solutions Through Innovative Packaging

There’s no reason to stay stuck in the past. By implementing a strategy that involves flexible packaging, you can add to your company’s bottom line without the need for cutting back on other important expense items.

For example, a study by DuPont Packaging uncovered that 1 truckload of unfilled flexible pouches accounts for 26 truckloads of unfilled glass jars. Switching to flexible results in major decreases in the cost of transporting packaging materials as well as a dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions.

Consumers – particularly millennials – are becoming more environmentally conscious by the day. In fact, an FPA report found that 57% of consumers say they would pay more for a package that is better for the environment. Since flexible packaging creates far less solid waste than other types of packaging, you can let your customers know that you’re conscious about sustainability and are working to reduce your carbon footprint. As a result, they’ll feel good about buying your product.

Flexible packaging is also easier to scale. You can easily make smaller versions of the same product using the same packaging machine. This is particularly useful if you are a provider of packaging solutions for varying types of products or across multiple industries.

On a pouch packaging machine, you have the flexibility to develop a wide variety of pouches with high speed, and quick changeover designed for maximum performance.

Potential for New Features and Creativity

Of course, you’ll also want to think about innovating new features.

While RFID chips aren’t exactly new, they’re a growing part of today’s supply chain. By adding an RFID chip to your package, you can track customer shipments individually while they’re in your warehouse, building consumer confidence.

One more advantage of flexible packaging is the fact that it’s minimalistic. Companies used to build their packaging as a sales tool – oversized, bulky, and designed to be as eye-catching as possible. While catching eyeballs is still an important consideration for brick and mortar retailers, ecommerce retailers can use minimalist, lightweight packaging as a selling point.

Finally, flexible packaging machines require fewer people to operate than traditional packaging machines. This can help your company reduce production costs with zero negative impact on your customers’ experience.

If you’re looking for a packaging machine partner to support your manufacturing or distribution business in keeping up with ecommerce packaging solutions, choose a company you can trust. You’ll need to ask the right questions to make sure you’re on the same page, and get some quotes to see what the best choice is for your business.

Karlville offers packaging solutions for a variety of businesses, specializing in flexible packaging for consumer packaged goods. Contact us for more information, or to schedule a consultation. We believe that we can do what it takes to help your business succeed.

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