En Universal Spout For Multiple Closures

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Flexible Packaging Revo Pro Banner
k@rvill3 19 Apr, 2023

At Karlville, we strive to promote the best environmental performance processes by creating innovative machinery for filling flexible packaging while promoting the best environmental performance processes. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most efficient and effective pouch filling machine that can handle a wide variety of pouches at impressive production rates. In... Read more ». Learn more »

Fond Universal Spout
Alizee Moreau 09 Dec, 2022

  BOB (Bag zerO Box) with universal spout Nov 18, 2022 – The market trends and regulations direct toward respectfull solution for the environment. In this context, the bulk market is growing strongly with, in particular, a law forcing the supermaket to dedicate 20% of their surface to bulk market, by 2030. To answer these... Read more ». Learn more »

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