Defective Labels Stay In The Plant

Defective labels stay in the plant

The last step in the process of Label production is slitting and rewinding with integrated quality assurance.

Karlville Development successfully introduced to the market their slitting & inspection solution for narrow web label converters, the model KSI ProLabel and KSI ProCombi.

Karlville Development expanded in this market with two new models, the KSI 650 and the KSI-1000, to cover the mid-web market with its proven technology.


Karlville’ s new KSI ProCombi 650 mm wide and KSI 1000 wide slitter-rewinder, operate at speeds up to 400 m/min, using the newest drive technologies for advanced fully automatic closed loop tension control, and dual bi-directional rewinds.

The KSI slitting/rewinding/inspection machines, where inspection happens in vertical orientation in front of the operator, in combination with Karlville’s well-known slitting and rewind technologies, produces excellent roll quality at speeds up to 400 m/min.

A missing label, flag or splice detection system is capable of stopping the error occurrence in precise location at speeds up to 300 m/min.

Being sure that each Label will be verified, 100% inspection system are easy to be integrated to make sure that defective labels are identified and are not shipped to the customer.

Both KSI models are outfitted with programmable logic controller and a touch screen interface that corresponds with a smart controller. This controller includes proprietary software written for accurate label counting, multi-lane missing label detection, tag detection, and matrix waste calculations.

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