Dior Project Karlville Delivers Optimal Shrink Quality Amp Placement Accuracy

[Dior Project] Karlville Delivers Optimal Shrink Quality & Placement Accuracy

Discover how Karlville transformed Christian Dior’s shrink process by providing automatic container orientation for high sleeve placement accuracy and our Tornado hot air tunnel for high shrink quality.

The Dior Project Overview

Christian Dior had a sleeving line for these boxes equipped with manual application and a shrink laydown with a competitor IR tunnel.

Dior Project Karlville Delivers Optimal Shrink Quality Amp Placement Accuracy | Blogs

They wanted to increase the capacity and automatically apply the sleeve, but a test done with the existing tunnel didn’t offer the expected quality.

Karlville, well-known thanks to its Tornado tunnel, was challenged for this application that required a premium level of shrink quality and sleeve placement accuracy.

How Karlville Added Value

  • Thanks to its large footprint in the converting industry, Karlville has access to industry experts to optimize the offered solution.
  • The Tornado tunnel offers the best shrink quality on the market with hot air.
  • Karlville France has strong expertise in the shrink process.
  • Karlville France has a technical team to customize the complete systems to Dior’s expectations.

Project Challenges

  • Shrink process with standup carton box.
  • Carton box preorientation on Karlville line.
  • Carton box sealing aligned with sleeve sealing with +3mm accuracy.
  • Sleeve up/down overlap and concentricity +1mm accuracy.


  • Working with an OEM to ensure accurate box loading on the Karlville conveyor.
  • Puck to carry the product and ensure its stability all along the process.
  • Sleeve centering features to ensure perfect orientation on the product.
  • Puck aligner during the shooting process.
  • Vision system to control sleeve placement accuracy.
  • Side belt depucker to ensure automatic product removal from the sleeving line.
  • SMED and HMI features to ensure fast and repetitive changeover.
  • Full customization on electrical systems and connectivity.
  • The Tornado has given expected quality with perfect sleeve vertical control thanks to dedicated upgrades and collaboration with the converter supplying the film.

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