Discover The Sleeve Pro Sp800

Discover the Sleeve Pro SP800

Karlville’s SleevePro 800 provides cutting-edge, high-speed sleeving technology. Experience equipment flexibility at high performance.

The SP800 is a single head for a high-speed application; it processes about 800 containers per minute in full or half body. This machine comes with a two-roll semi-auto unwind. Our SP800 is ideal for the beverage, home/personal care, and food industries. This machine is designed to be installed with SteamPro and SteamPro Dry Tunnels.

Machine Configuration

Our machine configuration features an applicator, product handling, accumulator units, and an inspection and rejection system.

Shrink Tunnels

  • Hot Air – Tornado
  • Steam
  • Dry Steam
  • Radiant

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Proven Technology

The SP800’s technology includes a linear product flow, single head system, a speed up to 800 BPM, and customized product handling.

Key Features

Significant features include high machine efficiency, support for downgauging, quick change over, and compact design.

Product Capability

  • Diameter: 45 to 135mm
  • Height: 50 to 330mm
  • Empty or Filled conditions
  • Cylindrical or Shaped

Karlville machines are designed according to the latest technology and standards.


This machine has stainless steel frames, Lexan guarding, and SMED adjustments.

Electrical Controls

  • Allen Bradley
  • PackML Software Design
  • HMI – Touch Screen 1000


You’ll have the options for product orientation, length perforation, cross perforation, date coding, and line controls.

We offer solutions for a wide range of containers and decorations.

Discover The Sleeve Pro Sp800 | Blogs

Watch our YouTube video below to see the SP800 in action!

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