How Pouch And Shrink Sleeve Packaging Can Sell A Project

How Pouch and Shrink Sleeve Packaging Can Sell a Project

Recent studies have scientifically proven that a product’s appearance changes its perception. Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University studies how the brain integrates information from the five human senses to produce a coherent impression of reality. Karlville offers the machines necessary to mass produce virtually every type of packaging technique in the industry.

 How Pouch And Shrink Sleeve Packaging Can Sell A Project | Shrink Sleeve Converting

The New Yorker recently published a story that stated: “Coffee tastes less sweet in a white mug; a chip tastes fresher when its crunch is louder.” Mr. Spence has empirical data that supports what advertising agencies and marketing departments have been saying for years: colors and shapes matter! With this in mind, maybe it is time for your company to re-evaluate your products packaging.

Shrink sleeve technology yields high-resolution images on plastic that can neatly wrap virtually any shape. Beverages, cleaning products, food products, and pill bottles are a few of the applications that use shrink sleeve. The machines featured here use automatic shrink sleeve application makes for ultra efficient assembly lines. Karlville fabricates a complete line of shrink sleeve application machines, capable of automatically applying  from 150 to 1000 containers per minute, depending on the type of application.

Vance Packard, a marketing pioneer from the 20th century, explains how successful sophistication of packaging is: “a box that, when the entranced shopper picked it up and began fingering it, would give a soft sales talk, or stress the brand name. The talk is on a strip that starts broadcasting when a shopper’s finger rubs it.”

Pouch packaging is becoming an extremely popular packaging technique. With the right colors and imagery, you could be on the verge of a product “relaunch”. Karlville’s high capacity machines can produce up to 110 pieces per minute and contain servo beam system controls that assure the pouches stay in place through the process. The pre-opening station uses hot air guns and a vacuum suction cup system. The Spoutpro’s state of the art monitoring system assures pouches are in the correct position before starting its automatic filling and capping.

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