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Karlville Development Group of Miami Proudly Announces Three New Strategic Global Partnerships

Karlville VP Raul Matos showing off a new product

Karlville Development Group of Miami is proud to announce 3 new strategic global partnerships furthering the company’s high standing in efficient manufacturing solutions that maximize customer’s profit potential. Karlville announced the partnerships throughout the tour of their new state of the art service and demo center which doubles as a contract packaging operation in the heart of Miami. Karlville President John Price and Vice President Raul Matos introduced international industry insiders to new technology at the Global Pouch Conference 2015.

Karlville and LaserSharp Flex Pak Join Forces

Karlville has joined forces with LaserSharp FlexPak Services LLC to create affordable laser solutions for the Hispanic flex pack market. William Dinauer and Juan Carlos Tinoco said, “Laser perforation creates consistent holes for perforation as well as breathable bagging for long lasting freshness especially in food products, like vegetables from Colombia. William said, ”This new collaboration will bring value to the packaging industry by adding laser contract manufacturing services and Laser equipment sales that will deliver rapidly integrated solutions to satisfy the increased demand for laser perforating, and scoring for flexible packaging in the region and creating affordable laser solutions for the Hispanic flexible packaging market.”

Karlville and Widmann Join Forces

Karlville has also partnered with Widmann Maschinen GmbH from Germany, a 60 year old family business specializing in film converting machines, pouch makers, and spout inserters among other products. Company executive Andreas Widmann said, “We expect to do great business with Karlville. This is our first time showing this technology in the U.S. and it’s completely different from the standard heat welding. We offer a major speed advantage of up to 200 pouches per minute compared to only 50. We can also run recyclable material, meaning we are also more environmentally friendly as well as more efficient. The strategic geography of Karlville in Miami is definitely going to help us all over Latin America.”

Karlville and 3M Form a Market Development Agreement

Karlville is also proud to announce a new market development agreement with 3M to develop a new ways of packaging consumer products. 3M Marketing Manager Mark Dussel says, “We developed a new super transparent tape that uses the adhesive from our Post It Note technology, that can be cleanly removed without affecting printed product information. We are using this to bundle products in different configurations and minimize waste. It’s a convenience feature that can operate as a handle for a bundle branded with product info that lessens waste at a lower cost. In the battle for shelf space this is a great value.”

Karlville Is Awesome!!!

Look for an upcoming photoblog detailing the entire factory tour of the new state of the art Karlville facility in the heart of Miami and thanks to our great new partners at FlexPak, Widmann, and 3M, who are all helping us help our customers be more efficient and profitable while working with the latest and greatest technology in the world.

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