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Karlville Jobs

Operations Manager – Validation Center


Start Time – 3 QTR 2018

Job Title: Operations Manager – Validation Center

Job Grade: Entry / Mid Manager

Language – English, Spanish a Plus

Location: Karlville HQ, Miami, FL

Position Overview

Karlville is looking to set up new Film Validation and Certification Center to support Pack Ready Lamination efforts. Pack Ready Lamination is an innovative and disruptive technology Karlville worked recent years to develop with HP Indigo partner. Pack Ready Lamination is a based on an Eco System of Pack Ready laminator hardware developed by Karlville and thermal lamination film suppliers. New applications are being developed daily with opportunities for innovation in digital market space. Film validation as a support activity for the sale of machinery is an important tool to support customers. The new center will not only focus on film validations but also serve as a tool for training Pack Ready Operators, Customers and Industry.

We are looking for a hands-on operations manager that can manage the validations as well as serve as a liaison between HP Indigo, Karlville and film suppliers.


  • Organize, schedule & manage validations, this includes all communication with film suppliers, Karlville & HP.
  • Manage inventory of materials as well as logistics.
  • Perform quality control lab testing & analysis
  • Gather, analyze & organize film product information.
  • Document results & manage reports


  • Must – Flexible Packaging Experience, via School or experience
  • Plus – People Skills as hosting film suppliers and machine customers.
  • Plus – Spanish as a second language.
  • Miami Based Opportunity.


  • Position with growth opportunity into sales, engineering, and service.


Email Resume to beth.paz@karlville.com

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