Karlville Solventless Laminator Lm Sf1000t Amp Lm Sf1300t

Karlville Solventless Laminator- LM-SF1000T & LM-SF1300T

Karville Development and Webcontrol have introduced the new Solventless Laminator LM-SF1000T and LM-SF1300T (Turret Type) and LM-SF1000S and LM-SF1300S (Single Shaft). The machine features driven coating systems and automatic turret unwind and rewind for high efficiency, consistent tension, and minimum waste during roll changes.

The coating head consists of 5 rollers with 3 independent motor drives for feeding roller, dosing and for application. This driven concept permits consistent and accurate adhesive applications. Turret Type – Automatic Splice Unwind & Rewind reduces waste during roll changes. The machine comes available in two different material widths 1000 mm and 1300 mm.


  • Machine Speed: 400 m/min
  • Max Coating Roller Width: 1200 mm/ 1400 mm
  • First Unwind Diameter: 800 mm
  • Coating Width Range: 1000 mm/ 1300 mm
  • Dimensions: 10940 (L) X 4095 (W) X 3465 (H) mm
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