Karlville Swiss Two Web Synchronization System

Produce three side pouches for fill-through (top or bottom) as well as standup pouches from multiple webs. Add value to your 13 – 16 inch (330 – 400mm) printing press by synchronizing independent webs.

Karlville Swiss Two Web Synchronization System | Blogs

Our system is state-of-the-art, reliable and requires little set up stock. Easy to run and operate, our synchronization system is all about software and control.

It all starts with the unwind and special synchronization system.

Karlville Swiss Two Web Synchronization System | Blogs

Dual Web Unwinder

The Dual Web Unwinder is driven with an independent edge guide, dancer, and web transport.

Synchronization Unit

The Synchronization Unit controls the film tension in the longitudinal direction as well as registers the printing of 2 different webs passing from continuous motion to intermittent motion needed for the processes of sealing, cooling, punching and cutting. Printing tolerances between top and bottom webs + 0mm – 2mm per linear meter.

The software, along with feedback from independent servos and photo eyes for print management, is smart and interactive. Control the process via the MMI with minimal waste.

Karlville Swiss Two Web Synchronization System | Blogs

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To review specifications, layout, and machine videos, please visit our website on the dedicated GS machine for narrow web printers. Contact us to organize a virtual demo or request sales support.

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