Karlville 039 S France Technology Center Tour Machine Demos And Roundtable Sessions Were A Great Success

Karlville’s France Technology Center Tour, Machine Demos, and Roundtable Sessions Were A Great Success!

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Karlville’s European Technology Center in the City of Lyon, France Hosted a Wonderful Tour!

We here at Karlville would like to thank the hundreds of visitors we welcomed to our technology center in the city of Lyon. Our June 23rd Open House was a rousing success. We hosted roundtable introductions to our latest Sleeve innovations as well as machine demos and a facility tour.

The wonderful event was co-hosted by Reynders, and we offered visitors a grand tour as well as machine demos of our cutting edge Sleeve Converting, Application, and Shrink Technologies. We also introduced our CEFMA Handle and Multipack pouch ranges.

In our first roundtables, we discussed how to increase sales through the novel use of Sleeves customized with Special Effects. Alongside artist, Emmanuel Lesterlou, a Packaging Engineer for Danone Waters, and HP Indigo Business Development Manager, Christian Menegon, we introduced core concepts and techniques for standing out on store shelves through design, materials, and our exceptional products.

In our second roundtable, Thierry Camus, Head of CP Création, Patricia Camus, Head of Sleeve, and Pack and Myriam Bulcke, packaging Engineer Décathlon, shared their industry experiences and knowledge with our guests, who were very receptive and listened intently.

The overall message presented was, “People who take a risk on sleeve packaging never regret the decision!” The speaker’s testimonials demonstrated to the audience a concrete increase in sales thanks to their sleeve packaging choices.

Here are some testimonials from our esteemed guests:

“Very constructive day thanks to presence of all actors in the sleeve process, from conception to industrialization. In a short time, I have been able to meet experts and share experiences. In a word, this day was a success, with close collaboration from sleeve conception, to manufacture, to its application.”

 “I would like to thank Karlville and Reynders teams for the high quality of the day organization. This day has been a profitable source of information on several levels.”

  • Isabelle Audrain, Supply Project Manager Chief , Laboratoire Bioderma

 “This day has been very rich in the sharing of experiences  and exchanges during the inter-professional roundtables and over lunch. The tour of the Karlville Technology Center machinery allowed us to acquire a true understanding of sleeving possibilities. Thank you Karlville and Reynders for this experience.”

  • Marine Regal, Packaging Engineer, Andros

 “The Karlville open house was the opportunity for me to see some of the Karlville machines running, shrink sleeve application machines and steam and hot air tunnels, and to exchange on the specifications of these machines. It was also the opportunity to participate in discussions on sleeves with people coming from various companies and also to learn what the digital printing and the sleeve can bring to be more attractive on the shelves with our products. In few words, this open house was a great success!” Jean Valentini, Corporate Packaging Engineering &Operations, Nestlé Group Switzerland

Our European Technology Center will remain at the disposal of our clients for machine demos, process training, product testing, and validations.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us now. We will be glad to welcome you!

See you very soon!

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