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Karlville’s Safeprints Facility Tour for Shrink Sleeve Conference 2015 in Pictures


On the bus to the Safe Prints facility – All Photos Courtesy of Karlville

Karlville treated the AWA Shrink Sleeve Conference to a tour of the world class facility of one of our local customers, Safeprints in Miami, Florida. The company got its moment in the spotlight as a world of manufacturers converged for networking and creating business opportunities.

They were treated to hot food, cold drinks, and a wonderful facility tour along with guided explanations of the newest Karlville machinery for shrink sleeve converting and shrink sleeve application, pouch converting and narrow web slitting/inspection equipment.

Excellent networking took place as visitors from Latin America, Asia, Europe, the United States and more came together for a fascinating look inside our industry. Here are some behind the scenes photos from the event.

A short bus ride from the Hilton Miami took passengers to our world class facility in the very central location of Doral, not far from the famous Trump resort that is home to one of the finest golf courses in the nation, the famous Blue Monster at the Trump National Doral.



Passengers enjoyed the networking opportunity

Guests took the opportunity for light networking and enjoying the Miami sunshine.


After the bus ride everybody was ready to see the facility

Upon arrival, the steam and humidity in the air of the city defined the subtropical environment, but left guests smiling at the Miaminess of it all.

Attendees walked a waterfront path into our manufacturing plant excited by the prospect of seeing what new technologies Karlville has up our sleeve.


Guests walked past a lake into the Safeprints factory


Our industry allies also had the chance to show off their products as well.

And many guests found their wares to be fascinating and full of possibilities.


Karlville is a great believer in creating a culture where networking is encouraged and accomplished through the promotion of industry events that make us all stronger on the world market.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1151 shrinkwrapcon2015_1152

At Karlville, collaboration is key to our process and the core of our beliefs.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1153 shrinkwrapcon2015_1154

Our friends at Klockner Pentaplast made a big impression on everybody.

And green technology also made its voice heard loudly among attendees.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1158 shrinkwrapcon2015_1160

The environment was friendly and the atmosphere charged with excitement for the future.

Our guest’s eyes lit up with the possibilities on the tables before them and they seemed genuinely thankful to visit with us.


We also had a full chef’s table, and plenty of giant cookies, and cool beverages.

After a short acclimation for our guests, Raul Matos, our VP of Sales and Marketing welcomed everybody and led groups onto the factory floor.


We even had a professional video crew with us to document this great event.

Our wonderful machinery was front and center and attendees had deliberate opportunities to study it closely and ask our experts all about it.


Their questions were focused, intelligent, and proved that our industry is home to some of the most intelligent minds in business today.

The tour was inspiring, motivational, and information-rich, just like Karlville.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1169shrinkwrapcon2015_1170shrinkwrapcon2015_1171shrinkwrapcon2015_1172 shrinkwrapcon2015_1173shrinkwrapcon2015_1174

It was truly a great opportunity to inspect all aspects of our production.

And many of our guests took carefully detailed notes.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1175shrinkwrapcon2015_1176shrinkwrapcon2015_1177shrinkwrapcon2015_1178 shrinkwrapcon2015_1179shrinkwrapcon2015_1180shrinkwrapcon2015_1181shrinkwrapcon2015_1182 shrinkwrapcon2015_1183 shrinkwrapcon2015_1184

We welcome the titans of industry to carefully inspect our machines, that’s because we are confident in our everything we do.

And our staff are the best in the business, so we treat them like family, and their loyalty is priceless.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1185shrinkwrapcon2015_1186shrinkwrapcon2015_1187shrinkwrapcon2015_1189  shrinkwrapcon2015_1191shrinkwrapcon2015_1192shrinkwrapcon2015_1193shrinkwrapcon2015_1194 shrinkwrapcon2015_1195shrinkwrapcon2015_1196

Customer service is paramount, and we welcome any and all questions in every language that the global marketplace demands.

Our top of the line product variants were proudly available for attendees to hold, touch, feel, and study as well.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1197shrinkwrapcon2015_1198shrinkwrapcon2015_1199shrinkwrapcon2015_1200 shrinkwrapcon2015_1201shrinkwrapcon2015_1203shrinkwrapcon2015_1204shrinkwrapcon2015_1205

In fact our machinery’s live operation was quite a sight to see.

Our loading and unloading processes and procedures were an area of much interest.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1206shrinkwrapcon2015_1207shrinkwrapcon2015_1208shrinkwrapcon2015_1209 shrinkwrapcon2015_1210shrinkwrapcon2015_1211shrinkwrapcon2015_1212shrinkwrapcon2015_1213

And the production process was too. Live production sample runs fascinated all comers, as did our materials, efficiency, cpeed, power, and grace.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1214shrinkwrapcon2015_1216shrinkwrapcon2015_1217shrinkwrapcon2015_1218 shrinkwrapcon2015_1219shrinkwrapcon2015_1220shrinkwrapcon2015_1221shrinkwrapcon2015_1222

Meanwhile our staff were professional, accommodating, and as busy as ever.

It was not a typical workday in terms of company uniforms, but as always we were thankful to share the day with our new friends in the industry.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1224shrinkwrapcon2015_1225shrinkwrapcon2015_1228shrinkwrapcon2015_1229 shrinkwrapcon2015_1235shrinkwrapcon2015_1236shrinkwrapcon2015_1237shrinkwrapcon2015_1238

Meanwhile, our display section also generated tremendous interest.

And everybody loved our free totebag giveaways.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1239shrinkwrapcon2015_1240shrinkwrapcon2015_1241shrinkwrapcon2015_1242 shrinkwrapcon2015_1243shrinkwrapcon2015_1244shrinkwrapcon2015_1251shrinkwrapcon2015_1253

Translation services were provided via headphones for our non-English speakers.

And our expert technicians made sure that everything ran smoothly at all times.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1254shrinkwrapcon2015_1256shrinkwrapcon2015_1257shrinkwrapcon2015_1258 shrinkwrapcon2015_1259shrinkwrapcon2015_1260shrinkwrapcon2015_1261shrinkwrapcon2015_1262

Take a look at this cool detail shot from our top of the line products.

Karlville President John Price was also on hand to show the world what we are working with, and why it is a boon for our industry.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1265shrinkwrapcon2015_1266shrinkwrapcon2015_1267shrinkwrapcon2015_1268 shrinkwrapcon2015_1269shrinkwrapcon2015_1270shrinkwrapcon2015_1271shrinkwrapcon2015_1272

When John speaks, people listen. He is a natural born leader.

Our guests were simply fascinated by all that they saw.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1273shrinkwrapcon2015_1274shrinkwrapcon2015_1275shrinkwrapcon2015_1276 shrinkwrapcon2015_1277shrinkwrapcon2015_1278shrinkwrapcon2015_1279shrinkwrapcon2015_1280

And we were proud to present them with a unique vantage point from which to do so.

Our Flexographic printing and shrinking is always a showstopper.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1281shrinkwrapcon2015_1282shrinkwrapcon2015_1283shrinkwrapcon2015_1284 shrinkwrapcon2015_1285shrinkwrapcon2015_1286shrinkwrapcon2015_1287shrinkwrapcon2015_1288

And our laser leveled precision is the technical embodiment of everything the company stands for: precision, accuracy, and customer aproval.

Karlville is a company with many layers, all transparent for the ultimate in service and accountability.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1289shrinkwrapcon2015_1290shrinkwrapcon2015_1291shrinkwrapcon2015_1292 shrinkwrapcon2015_1293shrinkwrapcon2015_1294shrinkwrapcon2015_1295shrinkwrapcon2015_1296

With complex systems in place to set the pace of technology, we’re always on the razor’s edge of production.

That’s why everyone pays rapturous attention to everything we do.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1297shrinkwrapcon2015_1298shrinkwrapcon2015_1301shrinkwrapcon2015_1303 shrinkwrapcon2015_1304shrinkwrapcon2015_1305shrinkwrapcon2015_1306shrinkwrapcon2015_1307 shrinkwrapcon2015_1308shrinkwrapcon2015_1309shrinkwrapcon2015_1310shrinkwrapcon2015_1312

And why our name and brand is growing exponentially with each opportunity we take to meet new prospective customers.

And as well know, hard work requires great food, which we were happy to provide.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1314shrinkwrapcon2015_1315shrinkwrapcon2015_1316shrinkwrapcon2015_1318 shrinkwrapcon2015_1319shrinkwrapcon2015_1320shrinkwrapcon2015_1321shrinkwrapcon2015_1326  shrinkwrapcon2015_1328shrinkwrapcon2015_1329shrinkwrapcon2015_1330shrinkwrapcon2015_1331

It was definitely a full house.

And we expect great results from this wonderful event. Not to brag, but it was awesome.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1332shrinkwrapcon2015_1333shrinkwrapcon2015_1334shrinkwrapcon2015_1336 shrinkwrapcon2015_1337shrinkwrapcon2015_1338shrinkwrapcon2015_1339shrinkwrapcon2015_1340

Three full tourbus loads of attendees were enraptured by our wares.

We expect strong sales this quarter, and very satisfied customers with strong returns on investment.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1341shrinkwrapcon2015_1342shrinkwrapcon2015_1343shrinkwrapcon2015_1344 shrinkwrapcon2015_1345shrinkwrapcon2015_1346shrinkwrapcon2015_1347shrinkwrapcon2015_1348 shrinkwrapcon2015_1349shrinkwrapcon2015_1350shrinkwrapcon2015_1351shrinkwrapcon2015_1352

The hands-on nature of the event really gave people a chance to experience our products on a visceral level.

And every aspect of our business had the chance to shine.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1353shrinkwrapcon2015_1355shrinkwrapcon2015_1356shrinkwrapcon2015_1357 shrinkwrapcon2015_1358shrinkwrapcon2015_1359shrinkwrapcon2015_1360shrinkwrapcon2015_1361 shrinkwrapcon2015_1362shrinkwrapcon2015_1363shrinkwrapcon2015_1364shrinkwrapcon2015_1365

Here is just one example of true life products we offered our guests the opportunity to inspect.

Karlville truly takes great joy in sharing our story with the world.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1366shrinkwrapcon2015_1367shrinkwrapcon2015_1368shrinkwrapcon2015_1369 shrinkwrapcon2015_1370shrinkwrapcon2015_1371shrinkwrapcon2015_1372shrinkwrapcon2015_1373 shrinkwrapcon2015_1374shrinkwrapcon2015_1375shrinkwrapcon2015_1376shrinkwrapcon2015_1377

And the world loves to hear everything we’ve got to say.

We are thankful to be in this industry, and take great pride in the intelligence of our customers, who hail from around the world and always ask the right questions.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1378shrinkwrapcon2015_1379shrinkwrapcon2015_1380shrinkwrapcon2015_1381 shrinkwrapcon2015_1382shrinkwrapcon2015_1383shrinkwrapcon2015_1384 shrinkwrapcon2015_1386 shrinkwrapcon2015_1387shrinkwrapcon2015_1388shrinkwrapcon2015_1389shrinkwrapcon2015_1390

This was simply a great event from beginning to end.

shrinkwrapcon2015_1391shrinkwrapcon2015_1392shrinkwrapcon2015_1393shrinkwrapcon2015_1394 shrinkwrapcon2015_1395shrinkwrapcon2015_1396shrinkwrapcon2015_1397shrinkwrapcon2015_1398

Because here at Karlville, we’re hands on, we’ve got great minds behind us, and we’re poised for ultimate fulfillment of our infinite potential.

It’s an honor to serve you.

We’re thankful for all of our friends in the business.

And we look forward to seeing you all again soon. Thanks for visiting!

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