Mack Color Invests In Ksi Prolabel For Pet Line

Mack Color Invests in KSI-Prolabel for PET Line

Slitting Inspection Machines

Mack Color, leading manufacturer of labels in Brasil, installed a Slitter-Inspection KSI-Prolabel 350 for pressure sensitive rolls with Liner PET, a new trend in the market for the food and beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical segments.

KSI-PROLABEL Slitting Inspection Machine, High Performance

“The KSI-PROLABEL 350 is a very productive and high performance equipment, developed with a Servomotro system that allows for an easier operation. The slitter-inspection works with multiple types of substrates”, says Mack Color Team.

KSI-PROLABEL Slitting Inspection Equipment Highly Accurate

With this new inspection equipment, Mack Color labels will have greater accuracy as the quantities of labels for reels and review security of  self-adhesive labels.

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