New Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeve Web Page

New Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeve Web Page

Karlville’s French team is pleased to introduce our revamped website with a new section dedicated to tamper-evident shrink-sleeve applicators and tunnels fabricated in our Lyon, France facility.

New Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeve Web Page | Blogs

We can proudly state that we have the most advanced tamper-evident shrink sleeve technology in the world. Not only for high-speed beverage that we integrate with OEM partners globally; we are also focused on pharma and cosmetic high-value applications. To share a recent reference, follow an eye care solution application.

Please contact us to learn more about our machines and to assist with your project.

View the video below to see the Karlville shrink sleeve technology in action.

Karlville Shrink Apply Tamper Combitec 400T Pharma from Karlville Development Group on Vimeo.

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