Pouch Making Solutions for Recyclable Materials

Pouch Making Solutions For Recyclable Materials | Blogs

At Karlville, we strive to promote the best environmental performance processes by creating sustainable packaging solutions for the value chain.

Advantages of KARLVILLE Pouch Machines

  • Compact footprint – Less material inside the machine to minimize waste.
  • Sealing jaws design – Very compact sealing jaws both for longitudinal and cross sealing.
  • Independent servo control system – Innovative movement mechanism (transmission).
  • Cross-cutting system Servo-driven single or double flying knife.
  • Software – Set the machine parameters in different ways to get the most out of each kind of material structure.

Sustainable Solution: 100% mono-materials flexible pouches

Unnamed 9 Min | Pouch Making Solutions For Recyclable Materials | Blogs

  • New regulations and commitment from Brand Owners
  • 100% PE or 100% PP
  • Adhesive Lamination
    • MDO PE / Ink / Adhesive / PE
    • BOPP / Ink / Adhesive / CPP
  • Thermal
    • MDO PE / Ink / EVA / PA
  • eBeam
    • Ebeam / Coating / Ink / PE or PP

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