Recycle Ready Pouches

100% recyclable laminates and enabling technologies allow packaging manufacturers the ability to offer more sustainable packaging systems – a way to create flexible packaging that can be easily recycled through existing PE film recycle streams, such as grocery store drop-off programs in the United States and Canada.

KARVILLE / Widmann technology platforms make possible to convert laminates when using 100% recyclable films.

With DOW as a partner, we work together to enable the introduction and growth of 100% recyclable pouches by supplying state-of-the-art machinery:

*Spout inserting

– SI 100 Top

– SI 100 Flex

*Pouch Making:

Pouchmaker PM

To learn more about Dow’s RecycleReady solutions visit Dow’s site 

Winner of the SPC Awards Honorable mention, Outcome of a Partnership

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