Seamless Lasx Laser Module Integration For Slitters

Seamless LasX Laser Module Integration for Slitters

LasX & Karlville celebrate and strengthen partnership by fabricating several slitters along with Laser Modules for high-performance scoring, perforation, drilling, and etching of flexible packaging materials.

LasX fabricates state-of-the-art lasers that are seamlessly integrated & tested prior to shipment at Yo Den & Webcontrol’s slitter factory. This partnership is supported by contract toll laser converting, product development via Flexpak in Minneapolis.

Seamless Lasx Laser Module Integration For Slitters | Blogs

We offer two Technology Platforms, fixed (LDM) and motion enabled (LPM).

  • The LDM processing module includes optics, fixed beam, and patented proton process controller.
  • The LPM processing module includes optics, high-speed beam steering, and a patented proton process controller.

Both modules have powerful embedded controls that ensure accurate, consistent score depths at any production speed, even during the stops and starts of indexed processing.

Converting Possibilities for the Value-added Laser Processing

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