Shrink Experts Step Into Printing Spotlight Labels And Labeling

Shrink Experts step into printing spotlight-Labels and Labeling

The Dwyer Group has installed an RDP Marathon variable repeat offset press to print shrink sleeve labels.

Danielle Jerschefske reports

The 20 year old Dwyer Group, headquartered in Anaheim, California, in the south central suburbs of los Angeles, has made a significant investment to move into process color offset shrink sleeve label production. Within 12 months the company installed an RDP Marathon IVCO press at it’s Pennsylvania location and an HP Indigo WS6000 digital press in California.

The Dwyer Group gained its strength in the preform business, supplying tamper evident seals for the bakery and dairy markets. Jim Dwyer, CEO of the Dwyer Group says, ” Most of the commodity business has evolved into a bigger footprint for items such as party=sized fruit and salad trays for bigger containers, whereas printed shrink sleeves have increased in adoption of pharmaceuticals, dairy, beverage, household products and even pet food containers”

The company is using the digital press to create prototypes to drive sales for the high volume offset press. Dwyer explains,” It came together as a philosophy that falls in line with the general principles of the business. Our whole business model is just-in-time delivery. The prototyping allows us to get our foot in the door to show the quality of the label we cab produce, and it increase overall speed-to-market”.

Dwyer and his father joined forces in 1988 to create a packaging brokerage company selling nearly every material that can come on a core-polypropylene,polyester, metalized films, coextrusions, mainly to converters.

The business got involved in packaged salads early on, and introduced preforms to the produce market, most of which was coming from overseas. Dwyer Group found some Asian suppliers, but eventually started producing its own shrink bands when issues with lead times started to rise. Some new and hand equipment was acquired, a slitting machine, seamers, cutters, and the business grew from there.

It now houses a Karlville 700 MM Lay Flat Converter with end fold and glue application and turret rewinder running at 300 meters/minute. The California location has a total size of 120,000 sq ft, much of which stores the various preforms, and employs two thirds of the company’s 150 workers.

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