Steambox First Shrink Tunnel Prototype

STEAMBOX – First Shrink Tunnel Prototype

The Steambox, is Karlville’s new prototype for sample making. It is the first complete shrinking system that fits in a portable case. This prototype will help you evaluate new material and print distortion, make small productions to test your material, improve reactivity and it is compact and easy to carry.

The STEAMBOX is designed to ensure the feasibility of shrink-sleeve projects by simulating the shrinkage process of full-size steam tunnels. Prototyping tests made by the STEAMBOX allows for sleeve material validation, and shapes.

After placing the container samples complete with fitted sleeve in the STEAMBOX, the operator sets the parameters for precision positioning over the shape of the container as well as the duration of retraction.

This innovative solution significantly reduces the cost of launching sleeved products due to its versatility and quick settings, as well as reproducing the environment of steam tunnels.

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