Film Extrusion Machines

Our blow and cast film extrusion machines excel in producing films and sheets all sorts and other dies composites your company requires. Karlville’s vast experience in the industry allows us to help with testing projects that need complex system solutions.

Karlville both designs and mounts full extrusion systems in-house, keeping complete command of your precise equipment requirements. From extruders to new and rebuilt extrusion barrels and screws, to pipe heads and dies, you get robust, responsible solutions that meet your unique needs.

Karlville’s notably customizable customer’s approach is one that improves productivity, output, and efficiency while reducing costs for you.

  • The Musashino Kikai Film Cast machine launched by Karlville allows making film throughout a variety of process and for different industrial purposes. Committed to creating high-quality, high-performance, and high tech machinery, the Musashino Kikai is equipped with an “in-line printing technology” with which is possible to bond multiple films while printing on the same line.

    The machine is subject to integration and customization. Depending on the casting process required by the customers’ needs the Musashino Kikai Film Cast can be upscale to a multilayer, super layer or orientation unit model, with the same degree of automation and extensive production capability.

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  • Whether it is a standard three-layer co-extruder, a semi-automatic or a fully automatic high output monolayer extruder, Karlville’s high-tech machinery, with modular designs, brings the best in Blown Film Extrusion technology to meet the most demanding quality requirements of your products.

    In the case of our individual components, we offer diverse extrusion auxiliaries -like winders, oscillating towers or buble cages-  if you need to upgrade your existing equipment.

    Our compromise with you is to maintain the same level of excellence in the reliability of our components as in our line of extrusion machines, based on more than 20 years of experience in extrusion.

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