Combi Pack Ready

Pack Ready Lamination

Designed for HP Indigo Inks, Pack Ready utilizes Thermal Lamination Technology for superior & immediate bond without adhesives.

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We Know Lamination

Our experienced lamination service team comes from the industry. The team’s technical expertise in collaboration with film producers, pre laminate converters and adhesive suppliers, at our Validation Center, strengthens our know-how. With an in-house help desk, we support our customers on and off the field.

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Pack Ready Lamination

Lamination Machinery for Flexible Packaging

Serving the market with adhesive and thermal technology, we are innovators and market makers focused on value for flexible packaging & label converting industries.

Combi Pack Ready

Integrated & in-house programmed an infrared adhesive coat weight system for solventless laminators. We measure adhesive weight and mixing ratio in real time with possibility to measure and control.

For solventless, built high performance compact laminator designed for mid web and narrow applications for emerging digital and label markets.

The Pack Ready laminator is part of the Digital Pouch Factory.

Combi Pack Ready

Pack Ready, granted Intertech Technology Award in 2018 for Innovative Excellence, does not utilize adhesives, thus no chemistry involved. This food safe & zero cure time laminator technology enables the development of new innovative laminated structures for flexible packaging & label converting industries.

Opened film Validation Center for the commercialization of thermal films and pre laminations for end to end solutions with special protocol developed by HP Indigo. Film companies collaborate and innovate at Karlville.

Integrated LasX Laser cutting system to solventless laminator to create windows for metalized, foil and paper structures.

Combi Pack Ready

Both adhesive and thermal platforms deliver solutions to meet global environmental standards to convert 100% Recyclable, Post Consumer Resin and Compostable Structures.

With our integrated laser window cutting technology, we developed a 100% compostable paper and PLA sealant structure with Earth First Material.


We are committed to deep, ongoing sustainability, social and ecological responsibility.

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