Lasx Laser Module

Laser Integration to Slitting & Inspection Machines

Duplex and Turret Slitters may be configured with lasers for the high-performance scoring, perforation, drilling & etching of flexible packaging materials for food, pharma, OTC, nutraceutical, Industrial & Home Care, Pet, and cosmetic applications.

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Experienced Technical Team

Our team truly understands business; cross trained in Sleeve Application. Karlville Technicians are considered among the best in the Shrink Sleeve Business.

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Laser Converting

Slitting and Inspection Machinery for Flexible Packaging & Label Converting Industrie

From digital to large scale turret slitting operations, Karlville product line meets your needs. Our machines are known for excellent reliability, value and service. We have machine installed in more than 80 countries, and along with our partners, Webcontrol & You Den, are truly global.

Lasx Laser Module

Vacuum driven drum comes standard to minimize wrinkles and improve film stability on Classic & Ultra lines.

Closed loop tension control via load cells for rewind as well as servo driven lay on rollers for the most uniform roll density on Ultra line.

Tangential web path along with Tidland Knife system prevent edge build up during shrink sleeve material slitting on Classic Pro line.

We offer the latest accessories as driven unwinds, splice tables, overhead web paths, automated knife system, laser core position, change overt cart and automated roll handling.

Lasx Laser Module

Offering Laser solutions for slitting and inspection machines for down web scoring, perforations, contour scoring, micro & macro drilling, etching, cross web and in register slits.

Partnering with global camera OEMs, we offer workflow & 100% inspection solutions to lower film & operational cost by doctoring defects prior to lamination.

Lasx Laser Module

Our slitting and inspection machines run with low gauge and stretchy mono materials.

Seaming Solvents

We aim to provide high quality solvents that are recognized by the industry’s suppliers.


We are committed to deep, ongoing sustainability, social and ecological responsibility.

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