Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machines

Karlville has invested heavily in building a strong global service, engineering and support for its shrink sleeve application business, to meet the needs of our growing customer base. As a leading worldwide supplier of shrink sleeve application machinery, Karlville offers its customers the support and expertise necessary to ensure the success of the whole project from machinery to labels to the finished product.

Karlville offers shrink sleeve lines including automatic shrink sleeve applicators, tamper evident applicators and shrink tunnels for different container requirements. These lines can be integrated to existing production lines or can be installed off-line based on the application and request.

  • The Karlville Automatic shrink sleeve Applicator SLEEVEPRO line integrates a range of models to apply shrink sleeves on most container shapes, materials (glass, plastic, metal), conditions (filled or empty) at speeds that range from 50 to 800 bpm.

    Karlville’s shrink sleeve applicator line can be configured to apply full body shrink sleeves, partial labels or combined shrink sleeve labels. Robust, reliable and quick changeovers from one format to another.


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  • Karlville’s Tamper evident line is the most reliable application in the market. Designed with Positive Control application technology using servo driven pick and place mandrel system allowing to keep good efficiencies and high speeds with short length shrink sleeve tamper evident bands

    The tamper evident line can be used for integrated system on existing label application or stand-alone system for inline or offline tamper evident application.

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  • Karlville offers the widest range of shrink sleeve tunnels found on the market today.

    From dry steam to plant steam, self-generating steam, hot air, tornado technology, and IR, Karlville has solutions that will best fit your project’s requirements.

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