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Offering a wide range of applicators for tamper evident or decoration sleeve for neck banding or cosmetic products.

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Thanks to 40 years experience in sleeve application and shrinkage, Karlville France has developed specialized expertise to support customers on all subjects as films, inks, materials, design, product handling choices to support the application. With our global network in Americas, Europe and Asia, we can support our customers almost 24/7. Latest Industry 4.0 solutions enable remote maintenance and easier trouble shooting. 

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Made in Karlville France, under the Scheidegger brand, with an expert team with over 40 years of experience. We design, fabricate & service innovative tamper evident/decorative solutions for beverage, cosmetic, and pharma applications.

Customization and use of the latest technology enables us to execute all types of shrink application projects for high speed and premium low-speed market requirements.

Leading market speed for tamper evident up to 1200 BPM in linear technology, Karlville is an exceptional solution for brand owners and production line suppliers and integrators.

Startec 600

Unique high speed servo-based tamper evident applicators for up to 1200 bpm for beverages and precise pharma applications at lower speeds with exact sleeve placement thanks to pick & place mandrel technology.

Startec 600

Dedicated tunnels have been developed to ensure optimal shrink quality and lowest energy consumption. Our tunnels are adapted to line speed changes to ensure reliable shrink quality.

Startec 600

Our applicators has been approved to run the latest sustainable substrates such as PET, PLA and new Polyolefins. Anything new from your side, reach out for our new solution.


We are committed to deep, ongoing sustainability, social and ecological responsibility.

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