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Tape Handle and Tape Bundling / Multi-Packaging Systems

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CEFMA HANDLE range of machinery uses different patented application systems to apply adhesive carry handles on products of most dimensions and packaging materials. Our equipment is the most versatile on the market today with speeds of up to 110 handles/minute/lane. With adjustable handle loop lengths, as well as automatic format changes permits CEFMA Machines to cover a wide range of carry handle application requirements.

Our ecological CEFMA PACK bundling equipment provides low-cost and energy-efficient solutions for multi-packing smaller boxes and cartons, flow-packs, pouches, and bags. Using 1-2 strips of print-registered, repositionable tape instead of complete coverage by film or cartons, our customized machinery is ideal for promotions and small multipacks for almost all consumer goods.

Tape Handle and Tape Bundling / Multi-Packaging Systems

With the acquisition of Cefma in 2008, Karlville expanded its machinery offering to brand-owners worldwide with the widest range of carry-handle application systems as well as tape multi-packing machinery. CefmaPACK & CefmaHANDLE product lines offer diverse solutions for end of line tape packaging for pouches, bottles and boxes.

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Flex Pack Multipack

From introductory low-speed models to machines designed for high-speed bottling lines, our CefmaHANDLE range covers food and beverage companies’ goals to facilitate sales of complete packs of bottled water, soda, milk and juice cartons as well as specialized applications like 5L jugs, bags of flour, duo-packs of Stand-Up Pouches. With handle placement in most any position.

Flex Pack Multipack

The CefmaPACK range offers in-line and off-line solutions to make multipacks of 2 to 6 products by holding together flow packs, trays, bags, boxes and cartons using clear or high-quality printed tape. Tape multi-packaging is an economical and sustainable alternative to over wrapping, leaving most of the recognized primary packaging visible.

Flex Pack Multipack

Sustainability is a key benefit of all Cefma’s tape application solutions. This includes reduction of energy use for the application itself (electro-mechanical systems, no heat tunnels), lower carbon footprint from less material used. As well as compatibility with recyclable PE and paper tapes


We are committed to deep, ongoing sustainability, social and ecological responsibility.

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