Cefma Amp Pbh France Combine Commercial Forces

Cefma & PBH France Combine Commercial Forces

The French machine manufacturer specialized in the multipacks and handle solution, CEFMA (a Karlville Group) wants to conquer the strong French market of a technical offer high-end. To achieve this goal, its new line and commercial development by PBH should contribute.

The CefmaHandle develops for end of the line that apply the adhesive handles on packs and cartons. These machines can be used in flow or past-through production and can achieves the promotional needs.

The 3M and CEFMA partnership has enabled to accelerate the development and sales of machines in the USA and Asia.

“The CEFMA offer is complementary to the PBH range. We are building the CEFMA offer in France based on its new range, on its success abroad and its partnership for development with partners in the field of adhesives” noted Alain Le Coq, commercial engineer in charge of conditioning at PBH activity.

Flexo Machines For Shrink Sleeve Karlville | Cefma & Pbh France Regroupent Leurs Forces CommercialesSource: Emballage Digest 08 juin 2016

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