Hp Indigo Digital Pouch Factory From Web To Pack

HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory – From Web to Pack

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(Click the picture above to see layout of Digital Pouch Factory)

HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory concept at Label Expo 2019 in Brussels was a total success. Driven by HP PrintOS and web-to-pack workflow automation software, both the mid-web HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press and narrow-web HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press were used to produce pouches using the Karlville’s  Laminator and Swiss Stand-up Pouch making machine. During the show, we ran about 11 different structures, 4 different pouch formats and 50 different artworks along with web to print software.

To follow video clip, showcasing the concept:

Incredible accomplishment, we will share again at DRUPA and Label Expo next year. Please come by K Show to learn more about the possibilities. The immediate bond without the need to cure an adhesive is achieved by the Pack Ready Thermal Laminator. The HP Indigo Pack Ready Laminator is the Winner of the 2018 Intertech Technology Award for Innovative Excellence.

Along with Laminator, the KS-DSUP-400-GSW is a compact machine designed to support the HP Indigo digital process. Most efficient, quick set up, minimal waste/ scrap, fast changeover and intuitive, easy to us, HMI, the pouch machine is an ideal choice for Web to Pack workflow automation. Both Laminator and Pouch machines maximize value for HP Indigo digital platform as demonstrated first hand at the show. We plan to showcase similar concepts at upcoming DRUPA and Label Expo USA shows in 2020.

Hp | Hp Indigo Digital Pouch Factory - From Web To Pack

To learn more about KARLVILLE lamination and pouch making machines, click Pack Ready Lamination & Thermal Pouch Making.

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