Karlville Swiss Karlville And Jetfx Showcase At The Upcoming Drupa 2024 Exhibition

Karlville Swiss, Karlville, and JetFX showcase at the upcoming DRUPA 2024 exhibition

Balerna, Switzerland and Miami, Florida — April 22th, 2024
Karlville SwissTM, Karlville, and JetFX will showcase the groundbreaking Digital Pouch Factory at the upcoming DRUPA 2024 exhibition inside the HP Indigo booth in hall 17. The collaborative effort promises to redefine flexible packaging production by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and unmatched efficiency, bringing innovation and enhanced performance.

HP Indigo, the global leader and innovator for digital print technology, combines strategic machine partners to showcase flexible packaging end-to-end solutions first-hand. Each company, an integral part of the digital pouch factory, brings its machine solutions to DRUPA for a total of 4 machine modules.

To start, post-print, Karlville will showcase two machines for flexible packaging conversion, a COMBI Pack Ready Laminator, which combines solvent-free Adhesive and Thermal Lamination technologies and a Classic Duplex Slitter integrated with a JetFX SOLO-FlexPack module for digital embellishment printing, will prepare the material for the pouch. Karlville SwissTM will showcase their new pouch machine model KS-SUP-400-H, suitable for manufacturing flat and stand-up pouches with and without zippers to convert standard materials, mono-material and paper-based structures.

The HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory, developed in collaboration with Karlville SwissTM, Karlville, and JetFX, represents a paradigm shift in the packaging industry. Here’s what makes it exceptional:

1. Optimized One-Day Pouch Production: The factory leverages the power of HP Indigo digital presses, along with end-to-end automation. It streamlines the entire pouch production process, enabling converters to deliver stand-up and three-side-seal pouches in less than 1 hour, all achieve in a single shift. Converters can now profitably handle short-run jobs with ease.

2. Sustainability: By reducing waste, minimizing setup time, and requiring fewer personnel, the Digital Pouch Factory contributes to a more sustainable and economically attractive solution.

3. Innovation: Not only will we deliver pouch production in record time, but a beautiful, embellished pouch, by JetFx technology, integrated to Karlville Classic Duplex Slitter, to delight consumers.
Witness the future of flexible packaging firsthand! Visit the HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factor at DRUPA 2024, Hall 17/ A01-2 and discover how collaboration transforms pouch production.

Press Contacts:

About Karlville SwissTM – KARLVILLE SWISS SAGL is a fast-growing manufacturer of machines for premade pouches based in Switzerland; it’s part of the sustainable polymer division of REPAKTTM, the largest group manufacturing converting machines for pouches and bags. Currently KARLVILLE SWISS SAGL has 2 manufacturing sites, where pouch machine models KS-SUP-400-D, KS-SUP-400-L, KS-SUP-400-H, KS-SUP-400-GSW, KS-SUP-400-SG, KS-SUP-600, KS-SUP-600-SG, KS-FB-600 and KS-ASPI-30 are designed and assembled. KARLVILLE SWISSTM pouch machine models off multiple configurations that allow flexible packaging & label converters to produce a wide variety of pouches from three-side seal to stand-up, with or without zipper, quad seal and flat bottom bags. KARLVILLE SWISS’s new line of pouching machines are fast change, short run, low waste, explicitly designed to meet the needs of sustainable machines… customers may only profit from the advantageous design, reducing change over time, start-up waste, factory footprint, energy consumption and finally easiness to use.

About REPAKT – REPAKTTM is a leader of flexible packaging solutions. We offer more than two centuries of cumulative experience and intellectual propriety through our seven brands: AmutecTM, MobertTM, SCAETM, Karlville SwissTM, HolwegTM, WeberTM and MDMTM. We are established in the United States, Europe and China

At DRUPA, Repakt will be displaying their paper division in Hall 11/ B31.

About Karlville – Karlville provides converting & packaging machinery solutions for Shrink Sleeves and Flexible Packaging. Through a combination of Karlville-owned manufacturing facilities and strategic manufacturing ventures, we offer a wide range of innovative converting and packaging machines for converters as well as brands & copackers. Karlville has support facilities in USA, Europe and Asia. As part of growth and commitment to business, Karlville operates a Technology & Service Center in Miami,
Florida to support the Converting, Packaging & In.Pack NA Sales & Service machine business.

About JetFX – JetFX offers the most advanced digital embellishment technology for commercial print providers with an additional core competency on meeting the packaging print industries performance requirements. JetFx made its debut at DRUPA 2016. Technology developer/integrator for HP Indigo and multiple OEMS. Global installations of our products are bringing customers new ways to enhance their business and profitability.

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Karlville Swiss Karlville And Jetfx Showcase At The Upcoming Drupa 2024 Exhibition
Logo Repakt | Karlville Swiss, Karlville, And Jetfx Showcase At The Upcoming Drupa 2024 Exhibition
Karlville Swiss Karlville And Jetfx Showcase At The Upcoming Drupa 2024 Exhibition
Karlville Swiss Karlville And Jetfx Showcase At The Upcoming Drupa 2024 Exhibition
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