Karlville Announces Industry Leading Tamper Line Is Now Faster More Efficient Enhanced Technology

Karlville Announces Industry Leading Tamper Line Is Now Faster, More Efficient, Enhanced Technology

The Tampertec product line is the industry leader in tamper evident sleeve applications. Company says now even more cutting edge.

Karlville Announces Industry Leading Tamper Line Is Now Faster More Efficient Enhanced Technology


Karville’s new Tamperline may change the world of global seal production for the better. According to the company, their new Tampertec product line is smoother, faster, better, and stronger than ever. For 30 years, Karville has offered dedicated technology for tamper evident sleeve applications for cap sealing needs.

Their new exclusive pick-and-place transfer system offers sleeve application that is ever more smooth, progressive, accurate, and fast. And enhanced by new technology, it also supports an ease of communication between machine and operator that heralds a new era in manufacturing.

The company’s new shrink sleeve tamper application system can apply from 50 to 1200 bpm with only one machine. Stand alone on a line or directly integrated into market labeler’s star wheels, these are the systems of choice for some of the industry’s leading brands, such as Nestlé, Danone, Pepsi, and Coke.

The Tampertec lines have been redesigned on some key assemblies this past year to maximize efficiency, performance, and ease of use for operators. For example, the Tampertec line is completely servo motorized, making the machine functions easy to setup and troubleshoot in case of any incident.

Karlville’s new line also offers convenient servo functionalities such as easy troubleshooting via HMI, remote maintenance via IP, and enhanced motion control. The enchanced motion control helps to decrease mechanical wear on T1000 / T1200 models (less mechanical parts).

The Tampertec line also offers an increase in performance.With up to 1200 bpm, a dual shooting head system, higher reliability less than 5/10,000 un-sleeved units -99.5%. Registrations are more accurate by having a continuous sleeve motion. The changeovers are faster too. It now takes less than 5 minutes for the same bottleneck and there is a positive sleeve placement on every bottleneck. Tampertec also has a long-knives shelf life of more than 20 million cuts and one-head functionality for maintenance operation.

Karlville’s Tampertec line says it is now even easier to operate. Applications are done through recipes mode, so there’s no more manual fine tunings needed. It also has a faster format changeovers, and faster and even more precise global machine setup. The changeovers are quick to change and robust in feed screw changes. This helps operators via clear indications thanks to precise measurement tools. Troubleshooting is done via HMI for fast resolution, and timing synchronizations are done electronically. The machine height can be automatically adjusted. And it has a new cutting block for faster maintenance, and easier and faster adjustments.

The Karlville Development Group is comprised of three partner companies Karlville Development, Webcontrol and Sun Centre. The partners came together in 1996 to establish a new worldwide paradigm by “converting and packaging plastic machinery group.” Today Karlville Development LLC is a leading global manufacturer of shrink sleeve converting and shrink sleeve application. Pouch converting and narrow web slitting, and inspection equipment are sold under the Karlville – Beyond Converting brand.

Karlville Development Group is the global sales partner for Webcontrol and Sun Centre selling into the North and South American, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East and African markets. Karlville have manufacturing operations in France, Taiwan and China, and offers service and support operation in the United States, Latin America and Europe. Karlville’s main headquarter in the United States is in Miami, Florida.

Through multiple acquisitions in the packaging sector like Scheidegger in 2006 and CEFMA in 2008 Karlville has entered the packaging machinery industry. Increasing their portfolio of packaging equipment for shrink sleeve application as well as tape handle application and tape bundling application.


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