Karlville And Dow Enable Easier Access To Pacxpert X2122 Machinery And Scale Up Through Collaboration Agreement

Karlville and Dow enable easier access to PacXpert™ machinery and scale up through collaboration agreement

Miami, November 3rd, 2017 – The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) and Karlville Development Group (Karlville) have signed a collaboration agreement to facilitate the acceptance and proliferation of Dow’s flexible PacXpert™ Packaging Technology in the marketplace. This collaboration agreement will support industrial scale up and growth, machinery development, customer support, technical service and marketing campaigns.


Through this agreement, Karlville will supply machinery for pouch making, spout inserting, and filling and capping equipment from their SPOUTPRO product line while also providing technical support and service to all users. This state-of-the-art equipment will support the needs of PacXpert™ end users in North America with the potential to expand to other markets around the world.


“This agreement is a testament to several members of the value chain believing in the important role PacXpert™ plays in the conversion to flexible packaging,” said Francisco Paz, Dow marketing manager. The recently signed agreement was the culmination of several months of working together to determine how Dow and Karlville could make it easier for converters and brand owners to begin utilizing PacXpert™ in a wide range of edible and non-edible applications.


“We’re very excited to deepen our relationship with Dow and help accelerate the adoption of PacXpert around the world,” said Raul Matos, Karlville. “This is a big step for us to bring together our collective expertise and to help make PacXpert™ grow with converters and brand owners.”


PacXpert™ Packaging Technology enables transition from larger, traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging with sustainability benefits and convenience. The distinctive, flexible cube-shaped package is durable, easy to use, lightweight, and collapsible. Dow trademarked the technology as PacXpert™ after acquiring the global license to the innovative Smart Bottle™ technology on which PacXpert™ is founded. PacXpert™ Packaging Technology won a 2015 Edison Award for innovation.


To learn more about PacXpert™ solutions, please visit both companies respective sites:



Pacxpert Press Release | Karlville And Dow Enable Easier Access To Pacxpert™ Machinery And Scale Up Through Collaboration Agreement
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