Karlville Launches New Innovative Combi Laminator To Continue Disruption Amp Growth In Flexible Packaging Category

Karlville launches new innovative COMBI Laminator to continue disruption & growth in flexible packaging category

Miami, Florida, June 15th, 2020

Combi2 | Karlville Launches New Innovative Combi Laminator To Continue Disruption & Growth In Flexible Packaging Category

Karlville, a manufacturer of the Pack Ready Laminator for HP Indigo, announces the launch of new laminator that combines both thermal and solventless adhesive lamination technologies. HP Indigo Pack Ready Lamination has proven to be an excellent choice for label converters entering the flexible packaging space as a simple, low waste, zero cure time and high lamination bond strength solution. Solventless technology has been the main alterative as a cost friendly solution which allows you to fabricate your own pre lams; however, more complex in terms of know-how, start-up, and film supply. Combining these two technologies allows converters, big and small, to innovate and to expand flexible packaging business into digital & short runs.

Like digitalization for label market @ 10 years back, flexible packaging is going through a similar dynamic today. Large companies are aware; however, not concerned. Label converters taking advantage of these market changes and entering space. In the next couple years, you will see these converters becoming stronger and more diverse, one stop shops. The combination of both thermal and adhesive technology will give additional tools for disruptive converters. We have taken an established technology, thermal lamination, and modernized it to meet demands of new materials. Thermal lamination is easy, fast, luxurious, low investment, high bond, sustainable but as volume grows, expensive as you cannot fabricate your own pre laminate. For this, you need a solventless laminator. Since 2016, we have been planning to launch a combination machine but had to prove out thermal first. Now that thermal lamination has proven itself mainstream, now we are ready to offer a machine to encompass both technologies.

“The Karlville COMBI thermal and solventless laminator allows customers to have the best of both worlds to be able compete at all levels, luxury finishes and pre lam price. For new HP Indigo operations, the COMBI will allow them to lower risk of startup as well as prepare to compete specially in developing markets whereas your competitors are vertically integrated. For large multinational converters, the COMBI bring innovation as the supply chain for thermal
is ample and diverse. Thermal lamination is a steppingstone to solventless and most important the structure assimilate well to solventless as basically extrusion coating in two steps. Compared to ebeam whereas you still must make your own pre lam, the COMBI allows you to be have a clear path for growth. We are really excited to bring this new COMBI laminator to the market as certainly will satisfy a need within the converter community.” said Raul Matos, vicepresident Sales and Marketing, Karlville

The first COMBI is to be installed at Ink Works Printing, LLC, a HP Indigo digital IML printer in Wisconsin. As the machine has a solventless station with a sleeved transfer roller, inline coat weight adhesive measurement system and automatic tension control on all unwinds and rewind, the machine can process webs from 350 mm to 850mm. The innovative design combines both technologies elegantly creating a platform for future innovation within our product line.

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Providing flexible packaging converting machinery solutions, Karlville supplies lamination, coating, slitting & inspection, shrink sleeves and pouch making machines. In terms of innovation, Karlville supplies the HP Indigo Pack Ready Laminator. This technology is a set of post-print converting solutions for HP Indigo digital presses that provides zero-cure-time lamination, enabling digital converters to print, laminate and pack on demand for immediate time-to-market. With Global Support facilities, Karlville markets and services in all Key HP markets, NA, EMEA, LATAM and APJ. More info: www.karlville.com

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