Karlville Launches Revolution In Shrink Sleeve Converting

Karlville launches revolution in shrink sleeve converting

Karlville has now launched the third-generation seamer, which promises to revolutionize the way shrink sleeves are converted. The new technology eliminates the forming tool for folding and adds a third tension zone which leads to a long list of advantages.K2 01 Blank Min | Karlville Launches Revolution In Shrink Sleeve Converting

  • No forming fingers = no friction = less ink and film wear
  • Fastest set-up/change-over in the industry
  • Seam as close as 5mm from the edge of the film
  • Narrow web labels without tooling
  • Auto-correct feedback loop, recipes
  • Additional nip = better tension control
  • Unwind independent tension zone
  • No wear parts on forming system


Ideal for converters looking to:

  • Maximize innovation: the machine’s extra tension zone allows to manipulate the film between the unwind and the folding section without affecting the tension in the folding zone. This allows to integrate any type of device in this first tension zone, like a laser perforation unit and gives flexibility for future innovation.
  • Ease of use: this machine reduces the dependence on operator skills by automating both the needle system and the folding section. The machine is easiest to set-up in the industry and runs automatically once started. Set-up time is 5-10 minutes and waste is 10m.
  • Cosmetics, narrow lay flats: while the rest of the industry still relies on complex tooling for narrow lay-flats (18-55mm), this machine doesn’t require any of that.
K2 02 Blank Min | Karlville Launches Revolution In Shrink Sleeve Converting

Already many machines have been sold in North America and Europe. Karlville plans on showing this new technology in Miami in June and July 2019, please contact us to make an appointment. The technology will also be on display during Label Expo, don’t make an investment without seeing it first!


To learn more about 3rd generation seamer K2 plus, please visit https://www.karlville.com/product/k2/

Download the presentation of 3rd generation seamer.

Download the video of K2 plus.

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