Karlville Launches Two New Lines For Can Sleeving

Karlville launches two new lines for can sleeving


Miami Florida – 02/24/17


Karlville, has launched two new lines for can sleeving: Low speed (100cpm) and High speed (up to 600cpm).


As a leading global manufacturer of shrink sleeve converting and shrink sleeve application equipment, we take control of your challenges and help you deliver, on time and on cost, innovative solutions that will support your growth with a little effort on your part and a lot of great ideas to delight your customers.


Custom can decoration is now an affordable investment through shrink sleeve technology. This opens up new opportunities and increases speed to market. No volume is too small, nor are design or colors too complicated, just let us know what you have in mind and we will deliver quickly and at right cost with high quality.


Short runs, seasonal decoration, personalized design, “share a name” campaigns are affordable at substantial short lead times, controlled cash flow and reduced inventory. Our technology offers high shrink quality without using steam. Small footprint, high efficiency design, simple machine structure and no need for Steam Boiler are some advantages of our value proposition.


By collaborating with Karlville, you eliminate risk and will benefit from many years of expertise.

We’d love to talk to you about shrink technology for cans decoration and how it can support your business growth by innovation and differentiation.


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