Karlville And Synaptik Reach An Agreement For G Scan Coat Weight Measurement System Us Distribution

Karlville and Synaptik reach an agreement for g-SCAN Coat Weight Measurement system US Distribution


Miami Florida – 2/24/17


The g-SCAN system uses infrared technology to read in real time the adhesive coating weight that is being applied on printed, aluminium or metalized films, with a precision of 0.01 g/sqm. Thickness variations in the substrates have no effect on the reading.

The system detects wrong mixing ratio which can affect bonding strength, often recognized just after curing of adhesive.

This partnership with Karlville’s resources within the Americas and Synaptik’s technical leadership, is a perfect fit to offer the g-SCAN system in the flexible packaging industry and provide an innovative solution for increased quality and reduced cost in lamination. Karlville, with HQ in Miami, FL, offers a complete line of equipment for the flexible packaging industry. From primary slitting, extrusion coating & laminating to post print lamination, inspection, slitting and pouch making.

Synaptik, located in Girona, Spain, supplies the g-SCAN system with Kurabo RX-200 IR sensor, an in-line coating weight measuring system for solvent and solventless adhesives.

Karlville and Synaptik will present g-SCAN system at upcoming ICE Show in Orlando as well as at the Pouch Conference in June in Miami.

Synaptic | Karlville And Synaptik Reach An Agreement For G-scan Coat Weight Measurement System Us Distribution
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