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Raul Matos 20 Dec, 2016

  A demonstration system consisting of a Karlville slitter-rewinder and LaserSharp® laser processing system will be installed within Karlville’s new facility in Miami, FL in December 2015. FlexPak-Miami will deliver laser contract manufacturing services and laser equipment sales to satisfy the increased demand for laser perforating and scoring for flexible packaging in the region. The... Read more ». Learn more »

Raul Matos 27 Feb, 2017

Miami Florida – 02/27/17   Karlville, a leading global manufacturer in the Flexible Packaging industry, has created a team to develop the supply chain of flexible sp outed pouches for HPP (High Pressure processing). Rigid plastic containers have been the primary packaging solution for this type of application. Being the HPP market a skyrocketing segment... Read more ». Learn more »

Raul Matos 20 Dec, 2016

Karlville Development Group of Miami is proud to announce a new alliance with LaserSharp FlexPak Services LLC. This will bring laser capacity to the flexible packaging markets into the Southeast USA, Caribbean, and South American markets.   Karlville is a leading global machinery manufacturer for the converting & packaging industries with established service and manufacturing... Read more ». Learn more »

Raul Matos 27 Feb, 2017

Miami Florida – 02/24/17   Advanced technology in our innovative automatic turret slitter rewinder Model UHS-TR provides astounding increase in productivity. Our turret slitter rewinder diminishes down time between rewind sets, thus increasing productivity to out-produce traditional duplex slitters by 200% plus. Easy of operation is a big contributor to higher production, even for short... Read more ». Learn more »

Raul Matos 20 Dec, 2016

The KSI-1000 is a mid-web label slitting and rewinding machine with integrated quality assurance. This machine is encased in a compact overhead solution making for a smaller carbon footprint than individual in-line units. It’s design makes it easy to operate and gives easy access to splice tables and slitting sections.. Learn more »

Raul Matos 27 Feb, 2017

  Miami Florida – 2/24/17   The g-SCAN system uses infrared technology to read in real time the adhesive coating weight that is being applied on printed, aluminium or metalized films, with a precision of 0.01 g/sqm. Thickness variations in the substrates have no effect on the reading. The system detects wrong mixing ratio which... Read more ». Learn more »

Raul Matos 22 Jun, 2016

The French machine manufacturer specialized in the multipacks and handle solution, CEFMA (a Karlville Group) wants to conquer the strong French market of a technical offer high-end. To achieve this goal, its new line and commercial development by PBH should contribute. The CefmaHandle develops for end of the line that apply the adhesive handles on packs... Read more ». Learn more »

Raul Matos 20 Jun, 2016

Musashino Kikai is a long-established, leading Japanese machine manufacturing company founded in 1959, focused on cutting edge functional film lines and extrusion lamination & coating machinery with state of the art screw and die technologies and a vast experience in a wide range of applications.  Musashino Kikai was Japan’s first manufacturer of extrusion lamination machinery.... Read more ». Learn more »

Raul Matos 13 May, 2016

Karlville, the global leader in shrink sleeve converting solutions, today announced it has been named as the first HP-certified HP Indigo Pack Ready provider, driving the development of the Pack Ready laminator for the growing digitally printed flexible packaging market. HP Indigo Pack Ready is a set of post-print converting solutions for HP Indigo digital presses that provides zero-cure-time lamination while instantly creating a strong bond between HP Indigo digitally printed substrate and Pack Ready laminate film, enabling digital converters to print, laminate and pack on demand for immediate time-to-market.. Learn more »

k@rvill3 25 Feb, 2016

Press Releases STEAMER-Self-Generating Steam Shrink Tunnel The STEAMER innovation allows small to medium size end users a reasonable investment without the complexities of the installation of a stand alone boiler system in the plant. Most cities, for installation of new boiler systems, require to have permits as well as on site trained boiler operators for... Read more ». Learn more »

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