Lasx And Karlville Launch Configure To Order Equipment For Flexible Packaging Converters With Integrated Slitter Rewinder

LasX and Karlville launch configure-to-order equipment for flexible packaging converters with integrated slitter rewinder

ST PAUL, Minnesota, April 15, 2022 – Today’s consumers no longer accept having to struggle with packages that require scissors (or your teeth) to open them. Consumers also expect that the food they purchase is safely packaged and will remain fresh.

To help flexible packaging converters respond quickly to changing consumer demands and customer requirements, flexible packaging leader LasX developed FreshFocus, a new configure-to-order, laser-based system for creating easy-open and breathable features in packaging films.


Lasx Img1 | Lasx And Karlville Launch Configure-to-order Equipment For Flexible Packaging Converters With Integrated Slitter Rewinder
Lasx Img2 | Lasx And Karlville Launch Configure-to-order Equipment For Flexible Packaging Converters With Integrated Slitter Rewinder


LasX’s patented LaserSharp® technology is ideal for creating easy-open packaging. Using a laser, the machine operator programs FreshFocus to laser score a weak spot in the packaging film. If a consumer tears the package at this weak spot, the package easily opens without damaging the package. Packaging can also be made to be breathable with FreshFocus by laser perforating small holes in the packaging film. Breathable packaging offers enormous benefits in terms of food distribution, shipping, and safety, as well as extending the shelf life of food items.

FreshFocus is a high-performance and versatile configure-to-order equipment platform that is designed to help flexible packaging converters reduce lead time, gain flexibility and agility, and cut costs.


“We really know the flexible packaging industry and have built a versatile solution that meets changing customer requirements,” said Ryan Falch, President at LasX. “FreshFocus combines our state-of-the art laser technologies into a configure-to-order solution for flexible packaging converters. It is by far the most superior solution for flexible packaging converters in the market.”

LasX has integrated FreshFocus wide-web flexible packaging equipment with Karlville’s Ultra Turret slitter rewinder. Karlville is one of LasX’s OEM partners that specializes in converting and packaging machinery. “Karlville offers two distinct laser platforms with our slitter rewinders: LasX’s highly configurable and high-performance FreshFocus platform and a dedicated, lower budget platform for developing markets. Both use LasX state-of-the-art lasers. The Ultra Turret is our top model for converting with non-stop operation. Combining FreshFocus with our Non-Stop Ultra Turret Slitter maximizes production and efficiency,” said Raul Matos, VP Sales at Karlville.

A FreshFocus system integrated with Karlville’s slitter rewinder has recently been installed and is now up and running at FlexPak Services, LasX’s sister company. “This machine is available at our FlexPak converting facility for our customers to laser score or perforate rolls up to 1.8m (71″),” said William Dinauer, LasX founder and CEO. The demo system is also available for confidential packaging development and commercial production runs under SQF quality standards.

“The Karlville, LasX, and FlexPak partnership is a classic success story of industry collaboration,” said Matos. “The ability to showcase, demo, and provide product development and toll laser contract manufacturing at FlexPak is a win-win-win for our customers, the industry, and our parentship.”

With its new configure-to-order platform, LasX aims to cut delivery time of FreshFocus equipment from 30 weeks, which is typical for high-performance laser systems, to just 20 weeks.

FreshFocus, which is sold and serviced worldwide through dealers and manufacturing representatives, is also future proof, designed so it can be easily upgraded and adapted to future material changes or packaging requirements.


“FreshFocus delivers easy-to-open and breathable packaging solutions that make it possible for flexible packaging converters to enhance product offerings and increase sales,” said Juan Carlos Tinoco, General Manager at FlexPak. “FreshFocus gives you more control to add features with a shorter lead time and can be upgraded with hardware, software, or laser modules without changing the frame. One unit, one system can do it all.”

Flexible packaging converters looking for a flexible and versatile solution that can scale up volume and secure new business can see the demo unit in action at FlexPak.

About LasX was founded in 1998 to develop, design, and manufacture world-class industrial laser equipment for materials processing. Today, with our patented LaserSharp ® digital converting technology, our mission remains focused on delivering intelligent laser processing solutions that have the highest performance, reliability, and value for our customers. We have installed hundreds of machines worldwide for the packaging, aerospace, automotive, medical, electronic, graphic arts, and textile industries. LasX holds a portfolio of patented laser solutions.
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About FlexPak mission is to develop and deliver cutting-edge laser-based solutions that improve the quality, performance, and convenience of flexible packaging.

We are a recognized leader in the flexible packaging industry thanks to our advanced laser processing technologies. Founded in 2008 as a sister company to LasX Industries, we offer complete technical support from package development to full-scale production, resulting in reduced costs and accelerated time-to-market. Our state-of-the-art, food-grade facility is ISO 9001:2015, AIB, and SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified, and we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards. We are a certified-manufacturer on the FDA’s Interstate Milk Shipper’s List.
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About Karlville manufactures “post print” flexible packaging converting machinery for pouch making, lamination, slitting, spouting, and shrink sleeves. In partnership with Webcontrol, Karlville manufactures a complete line of duplex and turret slitters that can be integrated seamlessly with LasX laser converting modules. In partnership with HP Indigo, Karlville manufactures a Pack Ready Laminator for zero-cure-time lamination. The company’s new and innovative COMBI Pack Ready Laminator is a tool for flexographic converters with HP Indigo Digital assets to laminate solventless and thermal for short runs. Karlville’s Swiss Pouch Factory produces quick-change pouch machines for digital as well as long-run flexographic, rotogravure, and offset printers.
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