Steamer Self Generating Steam Shrink Tunnel

STEAMER-Self-Generating Steam Shrink Tunnel

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STEAMER-Self-Generating Steam Shrink Tunnel

The STEAMER innovation allows small to medium size end users a reasonable investment without the complexities of the installation of a stand alone boiler system in the plant. Most cities, for installation of new boiler systems, require to have permits as well as on site trained boiler operators for compliance. The STEAMER allows for easy installation with just: power, air, and water utilities. The engineering of the STEAMER complies with most cities ordinances.

The STEAMER has a unique dual chamber design, that allows for maximum efficiency. The internal chamber is adjustable,  hence it will allow you to match the container profile though operator dials. Internal pipes may be adjusted, further in angular form, to allow the steam to shrink the label form the bottom upwards for maximum quality and greater operational wIndow.

Steamer 1 Meter Tunnel New | Steamer-self-generating Steam Shrink Tunnel

The STEAMER has a Stainless Steel Construction, meets all local regulations and boiler certifications, the steam connections come standard with safety shut off features, and the tunnel has an insulation design for operational safety.

Not all tunnels are created equal, the STEAMER is the most efficient tunnel of its kind.
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