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Spout Insert Machine: SI 3000

This complete machinery has the possibility to automatically upload the pouches and insert the spout.

Film Cast

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blue filmcast machine

Film casting process includes extrusion, orientation, winding for resin from T die. For film casting of the breathable film Musashino Kikai have very best market share

Fiber Production

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As the technology have evolved there are many functional materials in clothes, living goods, industrial materials, sanitary goods. In production process to make melt material cool rapidly is called melt spinning.

Extrusion Coater Laminator

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Musashino Kikai- Single Laminator

The lamination process is the technology to make single layer film multi-layer film by heat and the processing machine is called laminator.

Coater Machine

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Musashino Kikai Coating Machine

The coating equipment is used in wide variety coating applications such as paper, polymeric film, metal, wood process etc. There are many type of coating methods available depending on from thick coating to nano-level coating.

Beverage High Speed, Low Footprint

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This is a line for beverage integrated by an automatic application SP600/SP800 and a Steam Dry Tunnel to offer you the fastest shirk sleeve linear machine in the market.

Low Speed CAN Line

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Shrink Sleeve Low speed can line

The Karlville SP150 and 1.5 Tornado
Full Body, Full body with Tamper Evidence, Partial Label and Twin Pack

Pharma Line

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The Pharma line contains a group of machinery such as the SleevePro 400 in combination of a Tornado, an excellent mix to support your line that can produce up to 400 containers per minute.

Multifunction Line

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Karlville offers a wide range of machinery that can support your Multifunction line such as the complete SleevePro line to apply the sleeves to steam or electric tunnels depending on your production line conditions, type of container and sleeve characteristics.

Cup Line

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The cup line can be produced with any of Karlville’s SleevePro machinery such as SP600 and any tunnels such as the Steam Pro Dry or electric tunnel HeatPro.