Beverage High Speed Low Footprint

Beverage Low Footprint Line

This is a line for beverage integrated by an automatic application SP600/SP800 and a Steam Dry Tunnel to offer you the fastest shirk sleeve linear machine in the market.


The label can have any of the 4 purposes:

Full Body Label
Partial Label
Full Body & Tamper Evident
Tamper Evident

Specs for the Beverage Low Footprint

  • Max Speed Up to 800 bpm
  • Bottle Diameter 25-155 mm
  • Sleeve Cut Length 30-300 mm
  • Film Thickness > 35μm
  • Sleeve Inner Core Diameter 127-254 mm (5"- 10")
  • Features

Shrink Sleeve Application Features

  • Variable Production Speed
  • Single Head
  • Stand-Alone Unwind System with Film Accumulator
  • Detection & Rejection System
  • Servo Motor Driven:
    – Cutting System
    – Sleeve Shooting System
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