Coat Weight Measurement System

Coat Weight Measurement System


The WebControl Coat Weight Measurement System uses infrared technology to read in real time the adhesive coating weight being applied on printed, aluminum or metalized films, with a precision of 0.01 g/sqm. Thickness variations in the substrates have no effect on the reading. The system detects wrong mixing ratio which can affect bonding strength, often recognized just after curing of adhesive.


  • Measuring Method Infrared
  • Ambient Temperature 0-40°C without condensation
  • Power Supply AC100 ±10% 50/60Hz
  • Advantages
  • Infrared Measuring Process
  • Features
  • In-Line Coat Measurement Benefits



  1. Quality control and traceability
    • Detects errors in real time (insufficient adhesive, mix ratio error)
    • Less waste and less quality issues
    • Traceability of the coating weight on each reel or job order
  2. Improved productivity
    • No need to take zero samples at the beginning of each job
    • Reduction of the set-up time
    • Readings on operator side and gear side for easy gap adjustment
  3. Savings in adhesive
    • No need to add safety coefficient just in case
    • Use the adhesive that is really needed

Coat Weight Webcontrol


Infrared Measuring Process

First infrared rays are irradiated towards the coated section. The infrared absorption for each specific wavelength occurs in relation with the thickness of the coated section. The range or deepness of the wave will determine key parameters.

The amount of this absorption is determined from the transmitted light or mirror-reflected incident light. The relational expression for the previously obtained absorbance and moisture value is then used to calculate the thickness.

Our original P-polarized incident light technology is used to eliminate errors from surface reflection or internal multi-reflection. This provides the ideal hardware for a infrared thickness meter.


  • High precision automatic inline coating weight quality control system
  • Detect immediately coating weight errors: insufficient adhesive or wrong mix ratio
  • Works with solvent based and solvent less adhesives
  • Works on clear, printed and metalized films
  • Easy to mount in any laminator
  • Data register for complete traceability
  • Save money by improving quality and reducing waste
  • Improve productivity by reducing down time and set-up time

In-Line Coat Measurement Benefits

  • MINIMIZE QUALITY PROBLEMS Inspect if any factors causing defects:
    1. Over coating, insufficient coating, and uneven coating
    2. The incorrect mixing ratio
    3. The usage of the reacted adhesive
  • MONITOR PRODUCTION With on-line measurement, it is possible to continuously monitor production.
  • IMPROVE PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY Shorten the confirmation time before production.
  • REDUCE COSTS Find out the quality problems in time to reduce the lot loss.Early detection of quality problems will reduce material loss and customer returns.
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