Coater Machine

Coater Machine

The Musashino Kikai coater is used in variety of applications such as processing of paper/polymer film/metal/wood board etc.

20 types of coating method from ultra thin to ultra thick

The different thickness coating methods for from ultra thick, 1-2 mm to nano-level ultra thin coating using about 20 kinds heads can be used. We have a test machine in a coating process center at Tokyo factory for high level of coating process: we help customers to realize their strong desire and idea as a product and help to develop the competitive only one product.

  • Coater Machine Model
  • Clean Coater Machine
  • Multi Coater Machine
  • PVDC Coater Machine
  • Hot Melt Machine

Coater Machine Model


Clean Coater Machine

This is used in the clean room zone to manufacture the products only in the room. The equipment has some necessary functions that emitted dust can be removed and non-volatile oil is used for clean room operation.

Multi Coater Machine

Large scale equipment to manufacture adhesive tape, craft tape etc. Line speed is one of important operation parameter.

PVDC Coater Machine

The PVDC coated material is used in many products, e.g. the outer film of medicine tablet. It used to be shifted to vinyl chloride but because of a problem of facing with air we have had many inquiries for PVDC coater, which requires very difficult technology.

Hot Melt Machine

In general coating target ingredient mixed with solvent is coated but in Hot melt coating melted ingredient is coated and it is set as the temperature goes down. This is old method but this has been collected the attention globally because the solvent used in general coating method can cause environment problem.

Coating Methods

The coater is one word but there are many coating types. We use many types of coaters; the followings are main types.

Coat Method Types

Coating Method Types

7-9 Coating Way

10-12 Coating Way

13-15 Coating Way

16-17 Coating Way

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