Turret Solvent Laminator

Multi-trolley coating station in same frame with quick trolley change-over concept. Rotogravure trolley with doctor blade, driven smoothing bar for water based and solvent based coating. Solventless trolley with five roller coating system, rotogravure trolley for cold sealed coating in register. High efficiency dryer, turret unwind/rewind available in shafted or shaftless configuration.

Machine Specifications - Combi Laminator

  • Speed
  • - Solvent Free Adhesives up to 400 M/Min
  • - Water Based Adhesives up to 150 M/Min
  • Maximum Web Width 800 mm/ 1000 mm/ 1300 mm/ 1600 mm
  • Maximum Diameter on Rewind 1000 mm
  • Maximum Diameter on Unwind 800 mm/ 1000 mm
  • Maximum Weight of Reels 1000 Kg
  • Machine Dimensions 7900 mm x 4500 mm x 4300 mm
  • Why Mid Web Combi Laminator
  • Advantages
  • Features
  • Expanding your capabilities

Why Mid Web Combi Laminator

The new Combi coating and laminating machine is designed for Flexo & Digital Printers looking to expand their flexible packaging business.

Using individual coating trolleys, this advanced machine coats with water based adhesives as well as with solvent free and solvent adhesives.

With the integration of cold seal coating in register, this compact machine incorporates all the features for multipurpose coating and laminating to accommodate the needs of the flexible packaging converter.

Quick change over between jobs and ease of operation are further attributes to increase production output.

As an optional feature, inline coat weight registration systems may be installed to lower waste, decrease cost and increase quality.


  • Solvent free for middle & high performance applications.
  • Solvent free for lower cost higher volume / in-group jobs.
  • Water based for quick change & immediate cure jobs.
  • Solvent based for high performance applications.


Shown in 800 mm (31.5”) width

With Trolleys for coating with

  • Solventless adhesives
  • Water based adhesives
  • Solvent based adhesives

Includes Cold Seal coating in Register

Expanding your capabilities

Inline lamination is offered on some mid-web presses, but only solvent, water based and UV adhesives can currently be applied, using flexo or gravure coating concepts.

Offline Solventless Laminating offers a number of advantages

  • lower energy
  • less raw material cost
  • better environmental profile
  • Solventless adhesive is applied at a lower weight
  • Solventless adhesive cures thoroughly at room temperature
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