Combi Max

Combi-Max Pack Ready Laminator


The best of Thermal, Solventless, Dry Bond and Coating, all combined in a compact and innovative laminator for high-performance applications and immediate time to market.

The Combi footprint is the base for the Combi Max. A machine series designed for digital, the Max incorporates the Coating and the Dry Bond modules for an innovative platform.

Machine Specifications

  • Machine Speed Thermal - up to 100M/Min.
    Solventless - up to 300M/Min.
    Water-Based - up to 100M/Min.
    Solvent - up to 150M/Min.
  • Maximum Web Width 800 mm
  • Maximum Diameter on Rewind 1000mm
  • Maximum Diameter on Unwind 800 mm(1000 mm optional)
  • Maximum Weight of Reels 1000Kg
  • Machine Dimensions 9700 mm x 5300mm x 4900 mm
  • Versatility
  • Solventless
  • Dry Bond
  • Thermal
  • Coating and Cold Seal


  • Solventless adhesive lamination for middle & high-performance applications
  • Solventless adhesive lamination to fabricate pre-laminates
  • Water based dry bond lamination for specialty inks and immediate cure jobs
  • Solvent based dry bond lamination for highperformance applications
  • Thermal lamination for no adhesive, no cure time with wide range of substrates
  • Water base coating with solvent option for embellishments, surface finishing, cold seal in register and barrier / heat seal for paper


  • Design is based on Combi & Compact Laminator with Short Web path for easy operation
  • Five Roller Coating System
  • Sleeved transfer roller
  • Three Roller Laminating System
  • Accurate Adhesive Width & Dosing Control
  • Infrared Coat Weight Measurement System
  • Two Part Adhesive Mixer by LR2 Products
  • Easy & Quick Cleaning Station


Dry Bond

  • Closed Ceramic Doctor Blade System
  • Water Based Dry Bond with Solvent Option
  • 6 Meter Tunnel, Gas or Electric

Image001 1


  • Hot Drum with Thermal Nip
  • Adjustable Lamination Angle
  • Thermal Oil Heating System
  • EVO Chiller Glycol Cooling System

Coating and Cold Seal

  • Cold seal or embellishment coating in-register with
    peristaltic pump
  • Rotogravure AC Vector Driven System

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