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The COMBI combines Thermal and Solvent Free Adhesive Laminating Technologies.

Get the best of both technologies with a compact and innovative combination laminator to help improve your short run game.

• Proven thermal lamination technology with adjustable wrap angle and precise tension control.
• Proven solventless adhesive technology with 5 roller coating system.
• Excellent Dosing via geared pump Bi-2 Mixer.
• Accurate Adhesive Coat Width via Sleeved Transfer Roller.
• Precise Coat Weight Measurement via Inline Infrared Sensor.
• Closed Loop Tension Control via Dancer.
• VPN Access for Service.
• Ideal for HP Indigo 6900 and HP Indigo 20000 Presses.
• Optional LASX Laser Window Cutting Turnkey Accessory.

Machine Specification

  • Material Width 300 - 800 mm
  • First Unwind Diameter 800 mm
  • Second Unwind Diameter 1000 mm
  • Rewind Diameter 1000 mm
  • Max. Machine Speed - Thermal 100m/min
  • Max. Machine Speed - Solventless 400m/min
  • Value Proposition
  • Adhesive Coating System
  • Adhesive Measurement
  • Thermal Lamination Features
  • Supply Chain Benefits

Value Proposition

Get the best of thermal and adhesive technologies in one machine.


  • No adhesive, no cure time = Fast Time to Market
  • Simple entry to flexible packaging for label producers
  • Easy to Operate
  • Luxury Finishes


  • Fabricate your own pre lams to lower material cost
  • High Speed = Lower Cost


Five Roller System

  • Doctoring Roller
  • Dosing Roller
  • Sleeved Transfer Roller
  • Coating Roller
  • Nip Pressure Roller
  • Real Time Measurement
  • Our technology is accurate utilizing infrared light technology to determine adhesive coat weight.
  • Our solution, promotes quality, saves money & time.
  • Standard Practice is to check adhesive coat weight after the job is complete, this allows to check in progress, ideal for short runs as well as for large runs. Pays for it’s self by avoiding returns.

For More Information on Coat Weight System

  • Thermal Nip with Special Drum
  • Adjustable Lamination Angle
  • Thermal Oil Heating System
  • EVO Chiller Glycol Cooling System
  • Exceptional Tension Control for BOPP / BOPP and PE / PE Structures

Supply Chain Benefits

Take Advantage of the Ecosystem of Materials with Pack Ready.
Please visit our **Film Validation Center for more information. Here


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