Combitec 100 300

COMBITEC 100/300

This machine is comprised of a servo-motorized tamper-evident sleeve application head combined with a motorized height-adjustable infrared electric shrink tunnel. The small surface area required for installation and its very attractive price make this solution an ideal compromise for medium and low speed lines. The integration of Scheidegger cutting technology and optional pick & place mandrel system  gives this solution a level of performance and reliability recognized and highly appreciated on the market.

Machine Specifications

  • Max Speed Tamper Evident 100/300 bpm
  • Container Diameter*  All sizes
  • Cap Diameter*  8mm-85mm
  • Container Height* All sizes
  • Sleeve Cut Length  22 mm / 90 mm
  • Material Thickness* 0.35 / 0.08 mm
  • Material Inner Core Diameter 127-252mm (5"-10'')
  • Max Sleeve Roll Diameter 350 mm / 500 mm
  • Number Unwind Reels 1 on board or 2 on separate unwind
  • Technical Features
  • Performance
  • Functionalities
  • Electrical Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Tunnels & Accessories
  • Markets

Technical Features

Scheidegger Technology – Continuous Motion Process

  • The film is unwound on a separate non- stop dual-reel unwinder (optional). The film enters the machine via a specific folding system which creates two additional folds on the tube.
  • The film is then driven by servo motors into a rotary cutting block which cuts the sleeve like a regular labeler, avoiding material start/stop process, and tension issues found on other available technologies: « guillotine » or « bullet ».
  • The sleeve is applied thanks to direct shooting or pick & place mandrel device.
  • On board shrink tunnels technology will be chosen according to product specifications.


Technical Features

  • Doctoring Roller
  • Up to 100/300 bpm with one single head
  • High reliability <5/10 000 un-sleeved units -99,5% efficiency stated
  • High registration Accuracy: continuous sleeve motion
  • Fast changeover <5 mins (for same bottle neck)
  • Positive sleeve placement over bottle neck
  • Long knives useful life >20 Million cuts



  • Easy troubleshooting via HMI.
  • Remote Maintenance via IP.
  • Automatic speed variation.
  • Enhanced motion control decreases mechanical wear (less mechanical parts).


  • Easy automation and integration
  • Remote Maintenance & connectivity
  • Speed control via conveyor system
  • Advanced motion control
  • CE Manufacturing

Mechanical Design

  • Linear single head machine
  • Small conveyor footprint
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Low speed lines dedicated
  • Continuous motion Technology
  • Servo Driven controls
  • Pick & place mandrel system optional
  • Unwind on board

Tunnels & Accessories

  • Infrared or Hot air technologies
  • Inspection & vision systems
  • Data coding ssytems
  • Product handling – Robots
  • Non stop unwinders


  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Healthcare & Pharma
  • Cosmetics
  • Homecare
  • Chemical industry
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