Compact Solventless

Compact Solventless Laminator Machine


Compact, reliable solventless laminator machine for digital and conventional converters:

  • Reliable Solventless Compact Laminator
  • Five Roller Coating System
  • Three Roller Laminating System
  • Easy & Quick Cleaning Coating Station
  • Accurate Adhesive Width & Dosing Control
  • Closed Loop Tension Control via Dancer Roller

Machine Specifications

  • Material Width 800mm / 1000mm / 1300mm
  • 1st Unwind Diameter 800mm
  • 2nd Unwind Diameter 800mm
  • Rewind Diameter 800mm
  • Max Machine & Lamination Speed 400 m/m (1312.34 ft / m)
  • Machine Dimensions 5837 mm (L) X 3164 mm (W) X 2966 mm (H)
  • Advantages
  • Compact, Reliable Solventless laminator
  • Coating System
  • Coat Weight Measurement System


  • Compact , reliable solventless laminator
  • More capable, more refined, with five roller coating system
  • Rigid shaftless unwind-rewind units
  • Closed loop tension control via dancer roller
  • HMI Controls for all machine functions
  • Exceptional lamination pressure control for remarkable finished product

Compact, Reliable Solventless laminator


Compact Solventless

Compact Solventless




Coating System


5 Roller System

  • Doctoring Roller
  • Dosing Roller
  • Sleeved Transfer Roller
  • Coating Roller
  • Nip Pressure Roller

3 Motor Independent Control

  • AC Vector with Reducer for Dosing Roller
  • AC Vector with Reducer for Transfer Roller

Servo for Coating Roller

All Control via HMI & PLC

  • Short Distance Between Lamination & Coating System

Display for Measurement System

Compact Solventless

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