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Compact Pack Ready

The COMPACT Pack Ready is our latest machine to hit the market for HP Indigo digital presses specifically designed for 25K. Currently in BETA in USA, the target market is 6K users that will be looking to upgrade to 25K in future. The machine is designed for surface print applications and ideal solution to jump start your flexible packaging business with a lower investment. The COMPACT Pack Ready utilizes the same hardware & technology as the Standard Edition Pack Ready with a smaller mono- ()frame footprint. As it requires less floor space, it is also less expensive to shipping & to install. Most important without a compromise, the machine maintains the same performance for printed pre laminate lamination.

Pack Ready is a set of post-print converting solutions for HP Indigo digital presses that provides zero-cure-time lamination while instantly creating a strong bond between HP Indigo digitally printed substrate and Pack Ready laminate film, enabling digital converters to print, laminate and pack on demand for immediate time-to-market. The game-changing Pack Ready Laminator by Karlville is designed for lower environmental impact and simple operation.

Please visit our film validation page to learn about the supply chain of materials. A key core competence & competitive advantage, our technical team is well versed in film supply, performance and processing.


  • Max Machine & Lamination Speed 100 m/min (327.5 ft/min)
  • Material Width 300 - 800mm (11.81" - 38.5")
  • First unwind diameter 600mm (23.6")
  • Second unwind diameter 500mm (19.7")
  • Rewind diameter 800mm (31.5")
  • Temp Range 70 - 170 C
  • Lamination Angle Range 170
  • Value Proposition
  • Supply Chain Benefits
  • Thermal Lamination Features
  • Tool for Disruption
  • No adhesive, no cure time
  • Simple entry to flexible packaging for label producers
  • Easy to operate, slitter operator can manage
  • Lowest operational cost for smaller job and startups
  • Wide range of market applications
  • Wide range of thermal films and pre lams
  • Luxury Finishes
  • Thermal Nip with Special Drum
  • Adjustable Lamination Angle
  • Thermal Oil Heating System
  • EVO Chiller Glycol Cooling System
  • Exceptional Tension Control for BOPP / BOPP and PE / PE Structures




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