Compact Pack Ready

The COMPACT Pack Ready is designed for surface print applications and is an ideal solution to jump-start your flexible packaging business with lower investment & footprint. This machine is the perfect solution for current 6K press users looking to upgrade to 25K in the future as well as 25K users looking to start with a simple business plan for web-to-print and short & medium runs with prelaminated structures.


  • Max Machine & Lamination Speed 100 m/min (327.5 ft/min)
  • Material Width 300 - 800mm (11.81" - 38.5")
  • First unwind diameter 600mm (23.6")
  • Second unwind diameter 500mm (19.7")
  • Rewind diameter 800mm (31.5")
  • Temp Range 70 - 170 C
  • Lamination Angle Range 170
  • Value Proposition
  • Supply Chain Benefits
  • Thermal Lamination Features

Value Proposition

  • Tool for Disruption
  • No adhesive, no cure time
  • Simple entry to flexible packaging for label producers
  • Easy to operate, slitter operator can manage
  • Lowest operational cost for smaller job and startups
  • Wide range of market applications
  • Wide range of thermal films and pre lams
  • Luxury Finishes

Supply Chain Benefits

Thermal Lamination Features

  • Hot Drum with Thermal Nip
  • Adjustable Lamination Angle
  • Thermal Oil Heating System
  • Dual Cooling Roller System

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