Extrusion Auxiliaries

Karlville offers Extrusion Auxiliaries to upgrade your existing equipment, such like:

  • Winders
  • Oscillating Tower
  • Buble Cage


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Auxiliary Type
  • Winders
  • Oscillating Tower
  • Buble Cage

Winders – AuxiliariesAuxiliaries_Winders_tn

A heavy and sturdy surface contact winder. Available as a semi-automatic or fully automatic bobbin change and tension control, also available as a tubing (single) or sheeting (double) winders.

Oscillating Tower – AuxiliariesOscillating Tower

This unit comes complete with oscillating unit, collapsing frame and platform. Available in horizontal or vertical version.

Buble Cage – AuxiliariesAuxiliaries_Bubble_Cage_1

Karlville’s premier blown film equipment manufacturer, providing a full range of single and multi-layer extruders.

Bubble Cage



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